Saturday, October 27, 2012

BERLUSCONI JAIL TERM; the wind of change

One man cannot be greater than a whole nation and power sure has limit.....nothing is forever.
Former Italian prime minister Silvio Berlusconi's jail sentence for tax fraud  heralds the end of an era dominated by one man .
One anti-Berlusconi paper (LA Stampa) called a "natural-born delinquent". It further reads"The mirages and alibis are finished. An entire generation of Italians born after 1975 will for the first time vote in elections next spring that are not a pro- or anti-Berlusconi referendum."
Berlusconi, 76, had already announced last week he would not stand in next year's elections. Even though sentencing Friday to four years in jail  was quickly reduced to one under an amnesty law designed to reduce overcrowding in prisons, this has put an emphatic end of his domination of the Italian political scene.
"And so ends a Titanic affair, born in television and finished in court, with a clear, very tough and above all insulting punishment," wrote the editor of the centre-left daily La Repubblica, Ezio Mauro, saying the case highlighted Berlusconi's fall from grace.
 Il Fatto Quotidiano, which had waged war on Berlusconi's government during his three stints as prime minister between 1994 and 2011, said the media tycoon had a "natural capacity for delinquency".
The verdict "is the proof that Italy was governed for nine years by a tax cheat," said the paper.
During the trial, Berlusconi was accused of artificially inflating the price of distribution rights bought by his Mediaset empire and creating foreign slush funds to avoid paying taxes in Italy.
Scandal-hit Berlusconi condemned his sentence as "intolerable judicial harassment".
Berlusconi's lawyers have said they will appeal by November 10.
Italy's lengthy appeals process will likely ensure he never sees the inside of a jail cell but that does not change the fact that the wind of change is already blowing through Italy and seriously hoping such change blows all over Africa soonest.

NIGERIA: are we this divided?

This may not be a rumour afterall..... it is some serious information that show religion has divided one country.
Christians going to Jos from Abuja now have to pass through RIYOM, while muslims heading the same route pass through ZARIA road.
Christians going to Kaduna from Abuja are advised to a taxi from Mabushi and Muslims going to Kaduna pick taxis  from ZUBA.
Strange.....whatever happened to One NIGERIA?

Wednesday, October 24, 2012


 I really want to see this.....after all the back and forth drama... Lance shuold be heard!

Reported by Quentin McDermott and originally produced by Four Corners for the Australian Broadcast Corporation, this riveting documentary details the case against cyclist Lance Armstrong, who has been accused of employing illegal doping to enhance his athletic performances.   McDermott reviews the origins of the suspicions of Armstrong’s usage of steroids, hormones, blood transfusions, and other performance enhancements, dating back to the 1990s.  Testimony of former close friends Betsy and Frankie Andreu reveals allegations that Armstrong directly confirmed his usage of performance-enhancing drugs to his oncology team during cancer treatment.   Featured in the documentary is footage from Armstrong’s only ever deposition, given in 2005, in response to a lawsuit by an insurer resisting awarding Armstrong a bonus for one of his Tour de France wins.
In the videotaped deposition, Armstrong is at points evasive, impatient, and earnest as he declares his innocence of doping, even in the face of specific details given by members of his inner circle.  Also, McDermott interviews former Armstrong teammate Tyler Hamilton, who describes, in vivid detail, his own introduction to performance-enhancing drugs, and using those drugs with Armstrong – at points even administering drugs provided by now-disgraced team doctors, only steps away from racing venues in nearby trailers and even in team hotel rooms.  McDermott credibly deconstructs Armstrong’s defenses, speaking with a French scientist at a lab that has evaluated Armstrong’s Tour de France tests.  Newer, more sensitive testing now detects illegal enhancements in Armstrong’s early Tour de France urine samples.  McDermott also replays audio of what cycling legend Greg Lemond says is a secretly taped phone call between him and a marketing executive that suggests even some sponsors may have felt pressured to cover up for Armstrong’s doping to protect their own corporate images.
Stripped of his seven Tour de France medals and his leadership position at his Livestrong foundation, it’s Armstrong’s own 2005 words that now seem most prophetic: “It's not about money for me. It's about the faith of all the cancer survivors around the world.”
The World According to Lance Armstrong debuts on CNN/U.S. on Saturday, Oct. 27 at 9:00pm, 12:00am ET & PT.

source: CNN


 Below is the AFRICAN CUP OF NATIONS (AFCON) 2013 draw. It obviously favours Nigeria.






 Read the Words on the Shirt......or is it just a shirt??? She wore this Shirt during an outing to the Los Angeles County Museum of Art with her four children and bodyguard boyfriend Martin Kristin on Sunday: "When we have each other we have everything." They even look really happy!
SEAL will just have to deal with's going to really hurt. Remember what he said about the bodyguard and Heidi's relationship:
"I would have preferred Heidi show a little bit more class and at least wait until we separated first before deciding to fornicate with the help," Seal fumed to TMZ on September 1 in Los Angeles.

Regardless of how SEAL feels, Heidi is obviously happy. She revealed that Kristin "is a great man and recently we just got to know each other from a completely different side.He's been with our family for the last four years. He's cared for our four children and helped us tremendously. I trust him with my children's life."
The irony of life.....people find happiness in the least expected places.....i guess when it comes to loving, Class does not always answer to it.


Daniel Craig told Yahoo Movies he was moved to tears first time he heard Adele's "Skyfall," a song he felt "perfectly" matched the feel of the movie. "I cried,From the opening bars I knew immediately, then the voice kicked in and it was exactly what I'd wanted front the beginning."
"It just got better and better because it fitted the movie. In fact the more of the movie we made, the more it fitted it." craig said.
"Skyfall" shot toNo 1 on the iTunes charts just ten hours after its release. "Skyfall" was recorded at London's Abbey Road Studios and features a 77-piece orchestra.
"Skyfall" opens this week in the U.K. and will be released in U.S. theaters on November 9.
 So it is not just us, Even James Bond too cannot Adele's voice! Watch video in the link below:


I am not trying to make any musician feel bad and i agree it is a lot of work but i really cannot help the farmiliarity of the beat. If you listen to Whizkid's London Girl and Tiwa Savage's song feat Don Jazzy (Don't Leave without my heart) you see it is the same thing...maybe my ears are decieving me. So, who copied who? I just hope we soon start hearing songs with inspirational messages! At least something that will be timeless and helpful(Fix You by Coldplay), Beyonce (I was Here), I hope you dance Lee Ann Womack. All these beats are just the same and the songs fade as soon as they come. Artists say it is what moves the Market (e.g Iyanya's rise with KURUKERE) and forget what most of them say, it is all business.... they have bills to pay! Just that there will be limit you'll reach on the world stage where content is huge.Its little wonder Grammy Award is still out of reach....
It is goodnews that Wizkid will be performing alongside RnB singer Trey Songz, Angel and Kendrick Lamar on Nov 12 at the BBC radio 1xtra.


Don’t you just wonder sometimes how some people stay organized regardless of how hectic their schedule is? It is even interesting if both of you are on the same schedule and even better, if they have more task than you do, yet they are always organized and are champions of punctuality. To enjoy the office, it is important to have a great sense of being organized.
The truth is; whatever happens in life is all about choice. Making decisions and sticking with it till you get it right. A lot of people have no daily plans on how they want their day to be, they just wake up and join the multitudes of people everyday. They run through the day and suddenly realise they still have not achieved considerable success; they always suffer backlogs from yesterday’s work. This makes it difficult for them to manage pressure from both internal and external customers, sometimes, their emotions takes toll on them.
Let me say at this point that it is possible to be organised regardless of how clustered your life is right now. It can be achieved…you only need to want it really bad! Below are few tips to help you stay organized.
  1. Understand your job function. Know what you are employed to do. Know why you are there in the first place. When you know what you are there for, you will know how to mind your own business and concentrate on the important things.
  2. Begin by checking the level of your disorganization. Where are you and where do you want to be? Where exactly does it all begin? At what stage do you need to improve?
  3. Declutter your whole life….Entire life, everything. Do you keep every piece of paper on your desk, even the ones you do not need? How many times do you read stuff and just slip the paper into the drawer or you just leave it on the table? When a task comes, you just work with that same paper on your desk. Do you find it hard to throw away pieces of paper because you fear you will need them in the future? You do not even know which is important or not, you keep everything! I bet your workspace is filled with all manner of stuffs, pictures, Tea mugs/cups, books, pen, Flowers, files, just about anything and everything. You are virtually living in that space. To be organised you need to practice constant Declutter of stuffs, you cannot use everything and you cannot keep everything. It will only complicate your work speed and efficiency. Take the time to go through every item, paper and know which is important. Which you should keep and discard.
  4. Define space for every item. Since you now know which is important, you define space for every item. This will make them easily accessible and help you reach stuffs when you need them without ransacking your whole work space and mixing everything up. Have folders for every paper you need and label them, so that you can keep it for future use. This will help things stay in their space when they are not needed; instead of having them stare at you sitting on your desk. You can use a tin/cup for pencils and pens, label your files, use boxes,portable shelves etc.
  5. Plan. Plan your day with the details you already have. Know what you what to do, how you want to do it and when you what to do it. When you wake up in the morning, even on your way to work, think through the task at hand to know how to effectively plan with the time you have. Things can change sometimes due to unforeseen circumstances and emergencies but an organised person can easily cope compared to someone who is disorganized. Plan saves you from confusion and you can cope when monkey are on your back. Don’t just wake up, rush to work and start your day, if you have no plan, you just take things as they come and your whole day becomes jammed with undone tasks. At the end of the day you are fatigued and underachieved. When you start your day on the wrong foot, it has a way of affecting your whole day, your work ethics and those around you.
  6. Timing is everything. Time every task on your plan. Assign time to each task, so that you can know when you are likely to finish.  This will you do more in little time, resist the situation of having many unfinished task for the next day. When you start your day with so many of yesterday’s work undone, you experience a pull back and achieve very little. The truth remains that work will keep coming, if you are good at managing your time, you will cope with pressure in the work place. Timing gives you an edge and saves you from wasting time in unimportant scenarios.
  7. Know what is important and what is not. This will help you prioritize your tasks, your day and office relationships. This will help spend more time where it is essential and get thins done effectively. This will help you achieve balance without being excessively overworked. If need be, you know which task to postpone and which should never be left undone.
  8. Do not forget this is an office….not your house. When you do not know how to draw the line, you can become someone who brings anything and everything to the office; it will only occupy more space. Regardless of how much time you spend in the office, it can never become your house. Knowing things will help you enjoy your work space without clutter.

Hoping you become better organized, achieve more and enjoy your balance!

Monday, October 22, 2012


To be successful, you must want it for yourself and have it…. Because you cannot give what you do not have. Many people are chasing success and it continually eludes them. Success is not a myth; it is achievable and happens everyday.
  1. Define what success means to you. Know the level you want to attain in this life. That is the foundation to what your life becomes. Know who you are and what you really want.
  2. Have the right mental posture for success: believe you can, believe it can be achieved. Believe your dreams, goals are possible. Develop and maintain not just a positive attitude but a YES attitude.
  3. Invest in the right Association. How successful are the people you are hanging out with? If you are the only champion in your group of friends and acquaintances, you are likely to suffer decline.
  4. Be prepared! Run consistently with your dreams and goals. Stay alert to seize and create opportunities when it is possible.
  5. Be Informed and Educated.  Have the hunger to know, except you know everything! Know what is new, what is hot and what is not. Be a resourceful person, a problem solver with the willingness to help others.
  6. Resist the temptation to blame others or yourself. It is your life, make yourself responsible; this will help you make better choices and accept failure in good light when it happens. Being responsible helps you not to be too hard on yourself and know when to take risks.
  7. Always keep your eyes on the prize. Keep your dreams alive by staying focused on them till they happen.
  8. Do away with unproductive habits and relationships. Avoid people who will rain on your parade. People who are full of the negatives; nothing ever happens for them. They know exactly how to run down your morale.
  9. Be a seed sower not always the fruit eater. Invest….not always the spender.
  10. Kick your own ass. This helps you stay ahead of the pack. Your aim should be to set the pace, not to be lost in the multitude…otherwise stay behind the multitude, just make sure you are not lost in the crowd.
  11. Declutter your life. Do away with emotions, things and people you do not need at a particular point in time to make your race in life faster.
  12. Enjoy the ride….. if you cannot find the balance in your spiritual, emotional and physical life or you do not know how to draw the line between career and personal life or you don’t know how to enjoy the simple free things of life…. You are running at a loss. There is no point at all chasing success because without this balance, you will not achieve it.
It is your life….don’t sit there expecting someone or some angel to fall down from heaven and make it happen for you, to inspire you or improve your determination. Stop whining how no one cares about you and how selfish the rest of the world is….just like you: every other person has a bit of selfishness and prejudice in them. The world can’t just be perfect. Not now, not anytime soon.
You have that responsibility to yourself to achieve the success you desire. If you do not like the way your life is going, perhaps you should ask what exactly you did, did not do or is still doing that keeps you at that same position. It is time you mind your business….your own business!  Do not waste precious time at things you cannot control the outcome. Champion your own course and run your own race.

AGE AND SKILL: which comes first?

Thinking this through right now….. What is important when something needs to be done; is how old a person is or how skilled he/she is? In this part of the world, age is a huge factor and it is understandable but most people don’t know where to draw the line.
When a task needs to be efficiently done, a lot of people pride themselves on how long they have been at one job, this they think qualifies them better than the new kid on the block even when their skills are outdated and truly, they do not know what to do. They are afraid that that kid could take their shine off; he/she becomes a threat.
Does intelligence, Excellence really have to do with Age?

Tuesday, October 16, 2012


This Debate came out better for Barack Obama and it gives him an edge. Obama did not really pounce so much on Romney as he was doing to Obama and that gave Obama time to make his points clearer. While Obama was focusing on America, Romney was focusing on Obama! Romney shot himself in the leg many times and in a way he must have unconsciously underestimated the Commander-in-Chief. It was word for word, facts all is a lesson! Romney must have relied so much on his past performance. He focused so much on the past! For you to take The President's job, you had better be smarter than him considering that he is doing the job and you? you are YET to get the job! You must know how to hit your point!

Loving Obama right now....he sure won this debate!

On a fashion note....did you notice that Michelle and Anne rocked  the same colour (PINK)? But i prefered the look better on Mrs Obama. It could be that both women are showing their support for breast cancer awareness. Whatever thier reasons....i guess the most important thing is moving AMerica forward!

I only pray a better way of doing politics happens to us in Africa especially Nigeria, soon! We had better start learning from this Election.

Saturday, October 13, 2012


Tyra Banks is a big celebrity and a role model for many young women. We have heard enough clebrities tell us how they were bullied and we will still hear more....thier stories help us to realise that they are just like us, a way to rise above challenges and excuses..... bullying is such a big deal and anyone with a positive message will have people listening.
do we really want to know more? does it suprise anybody when they hear these days that celeb A or B was bullied? I love Tyra, her story is pure success; i am wondering if many people want to know about her past again, we have heard it times over and i bet, it is going to be hardwork to make it interesting especially in a series. For someone who has worked miracle with America's Next Top Model and Tyra Show, i hope this works for her. I would prefer reading her book than a series...There is too many series these days, you need to work it differently for high ratings especially when it is a comedy!
Incase you are asking,What is Five head anyway? the term "fivehead" refers to people with a relatively large forehead.

In her words on
 “In high school, if you have glasses, you’re a ‘four eyes’, if you have braces, you’re a ‘metal mouth’ but if you had my forehead? You’re a 'fivehead,'” 

 The 38-year-old model has reportedly enlisted the help of television writer and childhood friend Kenya Barris to co-create, executive produce and write the show (they'll both be creating the characters and storyline together though). He also co-created "America's Next Top Model"
 “To be able to witness her career was wild, but to be able to watch Tyra grow up was nothing short of nutty,” Kenya said. “I am blown away by the opportunity to tell not just a great story but a story that I remember so fondly.”

All the best TYRA....

COCAINE PENDANTS..... Another First!!!

We have seen all manner of smuggling cocaine across borders; inside roasted chicken, babies diapers, old people, celebrities, cabin crew...there is no, the pendant way! what won't people do for money???? This piece from P.M News reveals the story.

Oluigboka Chukwuemeka Emmanuel thought he had cleverly concealed about 2.4 kilogrammes of cocaine in pendants and female belts.
But his luck ran out when he was intercepted by Nigeria’s National Drug Law Enforcement officials.

Oluigboka with the cocaine stuffed bag
The 33-year old suspect had just disembarked from a flight from Brazil when he was arrested at the Murtala Muhammed international airport in Lagos, southwest Nigeria.“During search, powdery substances that tested positive for cocaine were found in his bag. It took several hours to extract the cocaine from the pendants because of the complex method of concealment,” said Mitchell Ofoyeju, NDLEA Head of Public Affairs.

Cocaine, cocaine
The agency’s airport commander, Mr. Hamza Umar, disclosed that the drug was factory packed inside assorted pendants. He described the mode of concealment as unusual.“This mode of concealment is strange and it is the first time of discovering drugs inside jewellery,” he said.
Umar explained that the drugs were industrially packed in ear rings, buttons, necklaces, bangles as well as in female belts.
“We had to forcefully open them to recover the drugs. The entire quantity of cocaine found in the jewellery products weighed 2.472kg. One arrest has been made in connection with the seizure,” Umar said.
NDLEA said preliminary investigation revealed that the suspect, who had lived in Brazil for over five years, is believed to be working for a suspected Brazilian-based drug syndicate.
The suspect was quoted as saying, “I needed money for the burial anniversary of my late father. As the breadwinner, everybody is looking up to me for the sponsorship of the anniversary. I have lived in Brazil for over five years but I have no money to undertake this important family responsibility. My interest was the 2,000 euros they promised to pay me”.
Oluigboka is married and has a child. He hails from Imo State. The arrest took place last week.
Chairman and Chief Executive of the NDLEA, Ahmadu Giade, was quoted as saying: “Although drug barons are becoming more desperate, the agency is determined to frustrate their efforts. This seizure is yet an indication that drug traffickers can go to any length in hiding their drugs from law enforcement agents”
The NDLEA boss also called for more public support in the anti-narcotic campaign.
“The suspect will soon be charged to court,” NDLEA said.

RIHANNA NEW ALBUM COVER! What is she telling us?

This could be the height of Avant Garde or something else. There is excitement about the album already....whatever the cover is telling us  hopefully will be understood when we hear all the songs in the album!
She is obviously taking this to another level but i seriously like her concept even though i am still inlove with the innocence and simplicity of her album, MUSIC OF THE SUN.


Just Wondering if the supposed Giant of AFrica is leading well by examples....the numbers are speaking!  This is just a pinch of the whole picture...

- Population of about 167million and more than 120 million Nigerians presently poor.
- Spends 78% of its annual budget on recurrent expenditure, that leaves above 20% on CAPEX (Development).
- Largest Government size.... FG has 42 member cabinet
                                             Legislature; 109 senators, 360 House of reps, each rep has at least four
                                            assistants , all paid by the State.
Which State? the same States suffering from serious under development and stricken with massive poverty.
Senators earn nothing less N40 million and the Reps N19 million at least annually!  The reps alone totalling to over N36 million and the Senators over N 19.62bn. It is little wonder, Politics is so lucrative in Nigeria.
In this country??? don't you just wonder how they manage to close thier eyes?
Let us not forget other allowances....


There is nothing worse than being stuck in the wrong job (relationship, lifestyle included) and worse still a job that makes you miserable. It is not healthy in anyway. Agreed, it pays your bills but it does not still guarantee you having a life; it gives you reputation but you will never experience happiness, no matter how much are paid. You had better believe it that money isn’t everything…. There are certain things that all the money in the world cannot afford, it takes your will to make the right choices…stuffs like that are not sold in markets all over the world. If in doubt ask Oprah Winfrey, Jay Z, David Beckham or Donald Trump. You just must decide what you want for yourself in this life!
The fear that you may never be able to survive outside that place is just a way to keep you from reaching out to other opportunities while you can. That fear will only sink you further and it will be one of the reasons you will end up old, full of regrets for the things you did or didn’t or couldn’t do.
People are so afraid to fail, some cannot imagine what it is like living one day at a time or at the edge…they prefer to stay safe, stuck in a box because of the fear of tomorrow’s failures: so they do not even attempt to try. They will find an excuse to remain there, instead of standing up squarely to face life, deal with their choices.

For those who know….you don’t have to apologise for wanting better in life. You deserve better! It is okay to falter …..It is okay to tell yourself the truth; to say that this place is no longer working for me… risk it sometimes and take your chance at something better. It is okay to step back sometimes to see what has become of your dreams, aspirations and everything you ever dreamt of in life; to put yourself in the hot seat, quietly ask yourself simply critical questions, take the time to answer them truthfully.

Once you know that you deserve better: you will make better decisions. Once you realise you’re not on the right road, you can still turn back instead of continuing on a road that will leave you with so many unfulfilled dreams, regrets later in life.
It is your decision. You always have the power to choose at whatever stage you are in life. To stay true to what you know for sure regardless of the challenges. You cannot continue to wallow in self-pity, to blame someone else; whoever they are for your failures and stay down only because you feel there is no way out. Refuse to settles for anything but the best. You must find your footing and stand regardless of the failures, mistakes or whatever!
Tell yourself;
“My dreams will not die, everything I have been through and going through will not be in vain. It does not matter where I am coming from or who I am; there is space for me in this world at the top to live a fulfilled life. I will fight my battles one day at a time and learn from my failures. I cannot afford to faint now. I will not die a wasted soul. I will stand before God at the end of my life with no regrets.  I must run my course in life, I must finish my race”.
God wants the best for you; do not sell yourself short…especially NOW!

Thursday, October 11, 2012


Celebrities and thier relationship cycles.....they just manage to make the headlines somehow!
From Chris Brown and the (supposedly) 2 women in his life to Bobbi Kristina and Nick Gordon.

Is CHris BRown sincerely saying he does not know who to choose between Rihanna and Karrueche? That is strange. It seems like drama, a new version of KimYE.


Perhaps, Bobbi Kristina know a whole lot about marriage that he decision to be married shuold not really be a headliner! Now you know, that the ring on her finger is an engagement ring. The 19-year-old is planning to marry her controversial boyfriend Nick Gordon. 

They obviously do not seem to give a damn....why should anyone????


There are certain things synonymous with Rap stars and thier lifestyles that just will not go away..... many of these rappers are deep into some lifestyles that it just will not go away. Hearing that Nelly's Tour bus was packed dirty and full with drugs and not exactly suprising.  It is so huge being a celebrity! Maybe, it is not for him afterall....or what do we say?

 Texas Authorities say they found drugs and a gun on rapper Nelly's tour bus at a West Texas border checkpoint where several celebrities have been arrested.
Hudspeth County sheriff's officials said an initial search Wednesday night turned up small amounts of marijuana and heroin and a loaded gun. Authorities say a second search revealed a duffel bag with about 10 pounds of pot.
Officials say one of the occupants was arrested after admitting the drugs and gun belonged to him. Nelly and five others were released.
Previous drug-related arrests of celebrities at the checkpoint near Sierra Blanca included Willie Nelson, Snoop Dogg, Fiona Apple and Armand Hammer.
A publicist for Nelly, whose birth name is Cornell Iral Haynes, didn't immediately respond to a message seeking comment.

Tuesday, October 9, 2012


A French-American duo of Serge Haroche of France and American David Winelandshared the 2012 Nobel Prize in physics Tuesday for inventing methods to observe the bizarre properties of the quantum world, research that has led to the construction of extremely precise clocks and helped scientists take the first steps toward building superfast computers.
Serge Haroche of France and American David Wineland opened the door to new experiments in quantum physics by showing how to observe individual quantum particles without destroying them, the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences said.
Haroche and Wineland, both 68, work in the field of quantum optics, which deals with the interaction between light and matter.
"Their ground-breaking methods have enabled this field of research to take the very first steps towards building a new type of superfast computer based on quantum physics," the academy said. "The research has also led to the construction of extremely precise clocks that could become the future basis for a new standard of time."
Through "ingenious laboratory methods," the two scientists have managed to measure and control fragile quantum states that were previously thought to be impossible to observe directly, the judges said.
Wineland traps ions — electrically charged atoms — and measures them with light, while Haroche controls and measures photons, or light particles.
Haroche, of the College de France and Ecole Normale Superieure in Paris, said he was out walking with his wife when he got the call from the Nobel judges.
"I was in the street and passing a bench so I was able to sit down," Haroche told a news conference in Stockholm by telephone. "It's very overwhelming."
Wineland is a physicist at the National Institute of Standards and Technology in Boulder, Colorado.
This year's Nobel Prize announcements got under way Monday with the medicine prize going to stem cell pioneers John Gurdon of Britain and Japan's Shinya Yamanaka. Each award is worth 8 million kronor, or about $1.2 million.


Is Famous writer Chinua Achebe  wrong this time? In His long awaited war memoirs  
' There was a Country'  Achebe accused the late Chief Obafemi Awolowo of genocide in the book and some people are not taking it likely.... Achebe has dealt with bigger controversies in the past. 

The  controversial excerpt from the book:
"It is my impression that Awolowo was driven by an overriding ambition for power, for himself and for his Yoruba people. There is, on the surface at least, nothing wrong with those aspirations.
"However, Awolowo saw the dominant Igbo at the time as the obstacles to that goal, and when the opportunity arose - the Nigeria-Biafra War - his ambition drove him into a frenzy to go to every length to achieve his dreams.

"In the Biafran case, it meant hatching up a diabolical policy to reduce the numbers of his enemies significantly through starvation - eliminating over two million people, mainly members of future generations."

Read reactions below:
Prof. Tony Afejukwu, an Itsekiri leader
"I find the foremost novelist lambasting of our iconic politician and impeccable leader, Chief Awolowo utterly strange. But why should we really be surprised? Even in death, Awo, our Awo, is still the issue. This being said, we must dismiss the illustrious novelist who must sell his autobiography! He needs to attack Awo for the book to make appreciable sale, an inroad in western Nigeria of solidly educated and civilized denizens.
But his tactic will backfire if truly that was an intention of Achebe, our respected, Achebe, who with this unforgettable grudge of decades will lose a huge chunk of respect of, and from discerning minds.
"Now we must ask: Did he expect Awo to device a strategy for Biafra to defeat Nigeria? In any case, Achebe ought to promote peace, understanding reconciliation and love as a foremost novelist of Nigeria, Africa and theworld. he ought to be exemplary.

Dr. Omolulu Olulonyo, former Oyo state governor:
"It is unfortunate that Professor Achebe could label Chief Awolowo as a tribalist. Both Awo and Zik were members of the Nigerian Youth Movement.
"He cannot begin now to blame Awolowo for the war. Awolowo did not start the war; rather, he pleaded against it. The only thing that he said then was that if, by any error, the Igbo were allowed to leave the federation, Yoruba would also leave.
"The civil war was started by the Igbo. The Igbo, in the course of the war, killed many Yoruba and Hausa/Fulani leaders, including Sir Abubakar Tafawa Balewa, Alhaji Ahmadu Bello, Chief Ladoke Akintola, Festus Okotie-Eboh and many officers, including Ademulegun, Maimalari, leaving out their own, like Micheal Okpara.
"Even while they were in government, (Ironsi's government), the Igbo spared no thought of freeing Awolowo who was then in prison. So, why should the man be now labeled a tribalist?",

Ebenezer Babatope, former Transport and Aviation Minister:
"While Achebe is free to write on any topic that suits his fancy, he has no right whatsoever to irresponsibly murder history by recklessly attacking a great leader like Papa Awolowo. Nigerians should expect detailed, honest, factual and objective replies to the Achebe nonsense after we have copies of the book in our hands."
"This is not the first time that Achebe will publish scathing attacks on Papa Awo. He did it in his book written about 30yrs ago titled 'The trouble with Nigeria'. The battle against falsehood has started."

Yinka Odumakin, Save Nigeria Group Spokesperson:
"It is unfortunate that a great man of letters of Achebe's status has descended to the arena of Biafran propagandists who are always ready to sacrifice the truth to achieve emotional blackmail.
"He has betrayed his intellectual calling by joining in the circulation of low quality rumours against Awo. I had looked forward to read the book, but now I doubt if I would pick up a copy even if dropped at my gate."

 Chief Olaniwun Ajayi, chieftain of the pan-Yoruba organisation, Afenifere:
"It is a great error, he never said anything about what Awolowo did to prevent the civil war,"
“The way the country is going, everybody cannot be happy but Achebe is bitter. He is not pleased that he didn’t receive the Nobel prize. Though a brilliant man, a good essayist and a man of culture, Achebe cannot be in the same fold with Soyinka.
“While Achebe writes only prose which can be extremely prosaic, Soyinka is into prose, poetry and drama. The richness and versatility of Soyinka’s works cannot be compared with that of Achebe.
“It is unfortunate that Professor Achebe could label Chief Awolowo as a tribalist. Both Awo and Zik were members of the Nigerian Youth Movement.
“He cannot begin now to blame Awolowo for the war. Awolowo did not start the war; rather, he pleaded against it. The only thing that he said then was that if, by any error, the Igbo were allowed to leave the federation, Yoruba would also leave.
“The civil war was started by the Igbo. The Igbo, in the course of the war, killed many Yoruba and Hausa/Fulani leaders, including Sir Abubakar Tafawa Balewa, Alhaji Ahmadu Bello, Chief Ladoke Akintola, Festus Okotie-Eboh and many officers, including Ademulegun, Maimalari, leaving out their own, like Micheal Okpara.
“Even while they were in government, (Ironsi’s government), the Igbo spared no thought of freeing Awolowo who was then in prison. So, why should the man be now labeled a tribalist?”, he said.

What is your opinion or you think this shuold not really be a big deal????


Take a look and be happy for the Ex-Mrs Pitt....say no more! She deserves to be happy after all these time.

Einstein 'God Letter' Auction Opens with Anonymous $3 Million Bid

Incase you are wondering if Albert Einstein believed in God or not, this letter could help you take your stand.An  auctionon eBay for the original letter handwritten by Albert Einstein in which he expresses his views on the existence of God opened on Oct. 8 and in about 10 minutes an anonymous bidder named o***h(wondering who) had placed the first offer at the opening price of $3 million.
In the letter,EINSTEIN calls BELIEF IN RELIGION & GOD "pretty childish" and somewhat ridicules the idea that the Jews are a chosen people.
Eric Gazin, president of Auction Cause, the agency managing the sale, told LiveScience in an email;
"This is the most historic and significant piece we have listed on eBay,"  "We are excited to offer a person or organization an opportunity to own perhaps one of the most intriguing 20th-century documents in existence. This personal letter from Einstein represents the nexus of science, theology, reason and culture."
Einstein handwrote the letter in German to Jewish philosopher Eric B. Gutkind on Jan. 3, 1954, a year before Einstein's death. The letter was a response to Gutkind's book "Choose Life: The Biblical Call to Revolt" (1952, H. Schuman; 1st edition).
Part of the letter reads:
 "For me the Jewish religion like all other religions is an incarnation of the most childish superstitions. And the Jewish people to whom I gladly belong and with whose mentality I have a deep affinity have no different quality for me than all other people. As far as my experience goes, they are also no better than other human groups, although they are protected from the worst cancers by a lack of power. Otherwise I cannot see anything 'chosen' about them," as translated from German by Joan Stambaugh. Religious Mysteries: 8 Alleged Relics of Jesus

Gutkind in his book had suggested that unlike the mass hypnosis spoiling mankind at the time, "The soul of the Jewish people was never a mass-soul. Israel's soul could not be hypnotized; it never succumbed to hypnotic assaults. … The soul of Israel is incorruptible."

In a March 24, 1954 letter, he is quoted as writing, "It was, of course, a lie what you read about my religious convictions, a lie which is being systematically repeated. I do not believe in a personal God and I have never denied this but have expressed it clearly. If something is in me which can be called religious then it is the unbounded admiration for the structure of the world so far as our science can reveal it."
  In the letter to Gutkind, Einstein wrote the word God was "nothing more than the expression and product of human weaknesses, the Bible a collection of honorable, but still primitive legends which are nevertheless pretty childish."

 The letter to Gutkind has been stored in a temperature-, humidity- and light-controlled environment at an academic institution specializing in the care of cultural heritage collections, according to an eBay description. Since the letter has been known among scientists for more than 50 years, the description reads, its authenticity has never been questioned. The letter is in its original envelope, holding a stamp and postmark from Princeton, N.J, where Einstein lived toward the end of his life.

Since Albert is no longer here for us to ask any questions, the letter hopefully can help answer any questions and doubts about his religion.