Tuesday, August 9, 2011


This another one from a sweet young man.....BENJAMIN ATTAH,Codename: B.jay. Deep and exciting trip through his mind.

I can't be awake, dead or dreaming I must be
For a speck of heaven my eyes did just see
I pinch myself twice to confirm the contrary
But still I'm convinced she's out of the ordinary
Bedazzled was my essence, common sense was quite amiss
I drew closer to her presence, "I'm so tensed," my heart admits
"Just say a word," I said quite frailly
But was I mute? No, mere words fail me.

Our paths do often cross, that fact I can't ignore
I feel too often lost, ne'er felt like that before
Dreaming daily of her made me feel a little sheepish
Infatuation or love, I never bothered to distinguish
Urged on very often by my friends, of meagre help it was
Estranged from life, but by day's end I did realize the cause
Still tried to get her attention, but haze encased me
The fault wasn't her's I'd mention, still words failed me.

"Can't be living like this." I said quite frankly
And for that phrase of sanity, I did thank me
I mustered all my guts, or what was left of it
I holstered all my doubts, but felt adrift a bit
With her I shared a greeting and talked with quite easily
Did she expect my meeting or was it serendipity
She smiled at what I said; demons, her smile could slay
Words swiveled in my head, most of which I failed to say;

"Even the hosts of Olympus, with their entire splendour, cannot dare compare
With the radiance of your beauty, oh how you render your lovely voice with flair
You've got a mind-defying frame, a simply perfect piece of artwork
Not many might feel the same, but most don't even know their life's worth
The sight of you is like rain and dew on a thirsty land
And also like pleasant news to a very weary man
You're like a rare gem that few men have ever found
And like a diadem, the priceless piece on the crown
In your beauty's effulgence, and your warm embrace
My heart does crave indulgence, and a resting place."

First, Do No Harm

Words my thoughts did become, and smile again did she
Warm my heart did become, my soul did jump in glee
Now that I've completed a feat so tasking
There's a question that does indeed beg asking;
"Did my words fail me?"


You say you’re my lover, but your love is like winter
You touch me all over but my heart you can’t enter
Your touch leaves me so of warmth needing
And your words they just prick me till bleeding
Sour as vinegar do your lips taste
Us is now more than a mistake
I feel no strong emotion towards you
In fact now I do, but it’s not what you’re used to.


They’re on me like the features of a landscape
How I got most I truly can’t say
The fair maiden’s dishonor but the warrior’s pride
Them we try to ignore but can’t really hide
They’re the ghosts of wounds that haunt some still
Sending down their spines shivers and chills
They carry memories we can’t help but feel but feel
And remind us that the past was and is real


In the darkness only heaven’s light could pierce
In the fire with flames that burn too fierce
Grieving with pain, that words dare not explain
Bound by the tormenting Tartarian chains
The damned souls reach forth to grasp the ropes
Of their sole thought; the illusion of hope

Apparently absent is love and death
Regret is a feeling all share like breath
Crying out with the aid of agony
With a voice of chaotic harmony
Of their sorrows they sing, unknown is how long they can cope
But desperately still they cling to the illusion of hope

Worse than death is their present state
Hard to believe they chose this fate
A fate they’ll undoubtedly suffer for all eternity
That’s not a short while, I know with all certainty
They all know the thing that truly tortures them the most

Yet to it they hold fast; the illusion of hope…
photos: www.freedigitalphotos.net


I am enjoying every word of this poetry,they make me love poetry all over again, i hope they envelope you too...i got them from a wonderful young man... Oche Anejo, Codename: SAGE AVALANCHE (Av Tha Shaman for short)

Apolo, why take out my sun?
Why take out the days that used to be fun?
Why borrow my savannah and lend me a desert?
Why feed me with cold for lunch and melancholy as dessert?
Now my cheeks are fertile wit Tainted Tears
Am hung in a noose of my own fears

I Apolo took out your sun and gave your a brighter ray
With the beauty a million strides
With a new wine sipped solely by royal tongues
And a love like Nicoteen worthy of freezing your lungs
Your sun shall shine through the rain
your heart would never go down the drain


Listen to the rain, it tells fairy tales of you
Sacred stories that play twin to the dutiful dew
Of how much of an Opium your sight is
And how much of heaven comes from your kiss

Listen to the rain at the peak of it's quiet noisiness
It whispers chants of your freezing warmth
How graciously your beauty springs forth
Is it indeed a virtue or my mind's dizziness?

Listen to the rain as it washes my dust of doubt
As it knights you with the sword of perfection
As it showers praises from it's monstrous mouth
Indeed the mark of cupid's arrow in me get's an erection

Do you hear it once more? It's the rain
As it drizzles, like Novocaine it eases my pain
Like the magic mirror's verdict, you're so fair
It oozes from the base of your feet to the tip of your hair.


Darkness dance to the rhythm of the old war chant
preparing for it's walk into my throne
Me, a giant now a beleaguered ant
As i carry the basket of pain alone

The dark! My necessary villain
How much more of me would you have slain?
The brave soldiers in me are left but a few
Thanks to you, the Devil's nephew
My heart freezes as my princess prepares
To leave my lips with a kiss of my untold fears
The midnight plays the firm boat of Dallas
To carry my princess out of my palace
My heart's betrayed by the hour glass
As it speeds faster than the speed of light
Am stained with the dirt of my ferocious fright

My heart is entramped into prisms of brass
As she leaves with my heart, i take her's as ransome
Her love, the Novocaine for my pain
With her soul ,still before the crystal cart
One day, she'll return to the arms of her heart.