Friday, March 30, 2012

Somebody check up @piersmorgan and @Toure.....

What exactly is going on between @piersmorgan and @Toure? They are slugging something out on twitter....some twitter war i guess....reading the tweets.

Halle Berry wants you to see this...

Halle Berry(45) may have kept mum about her engagement to French actor,Olivier Martinez (46)but she definitely wants you to see her giant emerald sparkler....we can only wish her the best and praying the love stays this time.

David Beckham & that his Tattoo

David Beckham never seem to do much wrong but this time, parents in the UK are speaking out, much for Tattoos! That Posh Spice tattoo looks great but then.....its a choice thing even though its sparking up complains...the dude really loves his wife..don't you agree? Below is the controversial ad!
Pictures of Becks' tattoo of Victoria in lingerie on his arm appeared on promotional posters and collection boxes for the Sainsbury's Active Kids scheme.
Anita Deacon, of Winshill Pre-School in Burton, Staffordshire, said: "We're not being prudish.
"We just think it's inappropriate. The tattoo depicts Posh Spice wearing nothing but underwear and posing provocatively."

BEYONCE AND KOURTNEY K.....what exactly?

First...i read that Beyonce was faking her pregnancy and wearing prosthetic breast and there is another talk of her carrying around a fake baby......what exactly? Who cares if she is carrying around a real or fake baby? very funny.... what do you see in this photos?

There is also Kourtney K and her Pregnancy which i hear whispers of it being photoshopped. How true is that? I just wonder what these People see or hear that they figure out some of these bizzare topics.... I guess its not the end...we will definitely hear more. Whatever happened to the pregnancy, i guess Mason's Mother or Mrs Scott knows best.


Who would have thought that Kate Winslet was not so into that song? tHE TITANIC SONG.She did not mince words to express how the song makes her feel...wanting to throwing up! It happens, sometimes, people are not so into some of this huge, hyped stuffs....I guess its exactly how she hard feelings as much as some would die for that same song.

MANCITY AND JOSE MOURINHO.....did you really believe that rumour?

Some rumours are so wild...hard to believe....that Jose Mourinho is going to Man City! I find it hard to believe, in as much as he is unpredictable, Man City is not just the way for Jose, not the man i know.Even without him countering the rumours, i just don't see it happening.