Thursday, April 5, 2012

NIGERIANS.....This man is obviously on His own

Prophet Sunday Iyunade of Pentecostal Sanctuary Bible Ministry has said President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan is the best president Nigeria has ever had..... The man is strictly on his own with this opinion. Do people have to say these things sometimes?

CHELSEA AND BARCA...who is your money on?

After that second leg between Benfica and Chelsea (UEFA Champions League Quater finals), i am not so sure if Chelsea can beat Barcelona. They had to battle 10-man Benfica team and managed to win....i have to put my money on Barca....maybe its all because of Messi; you have admit the guy is good.  I have to drag my feet on that second penalty, it cost AC thier game but you know how these things are, sometimes you you are faced with the fact that life isn't always fair.
Chelsea need to sell those "Landlord" players and pump in new faces, new skills.... Chelsea may be winning thier games which is important but they need to take thier game to a new level....thier matches are boring these days... Maybe its just me!
This is football, you never can tell...we will see what happens.

KIM KARDASHIAN & KANYE WEST.... who is suprised?

Believe me, i am not suprised. Kim K and her emotions!....we had our suspicion all along but there was the denial.  Kim K and her many dramas...she is sure enjoying the spotlight. All these celebrities know what to do, to keep themselves in the news, this is eactly one of those things.
Kanye West’s latest single, “Theraflu,” surface late Wednesday night, in which the  rapper says, “I admit I fell in love with Kim” and the gossip sites reported Thursday morning that West and reality TV star Kim Kardashian are indeed a couple.
“Kim and Kanye have now just started dating,” a source told People magazine, adding that the two high-profile celebs are keeping things “light” and “seeing where it goes.” 
A woman in the middle of divorce drama hanging around another man this soon....“We’ve been friends for years,” Kardashian told Ryan Seacrest in a radio interview last month. “We just support each other. That’s what friends do.” Kim really shuold have given herself some break than just hopping unt another relationship..... maybe, she does not need a man to make her emotionally stable. If as a woman you cannot stand and find happiness all by yourself, you cannot find it anywhere else.

I just feel for Kris Humphries...he really should have resisted Kim and her charm from the beginning. Kim has always been accused of having feelings for another man whenever she is in a relationship and the guy surfaces as her next relationship...i wonder who is next?