Thursday, July 28, 2011


I bet we have heard of cocaine (coke), heroin, ecstasy, ketamine valium, benzodiazepines, vicodin, vanadium,, barbiturates, speed ball, cocktail and it goes on. Some people abuse even pain killers and sleeping pills. It is no longer news that people get hooked on dangerous substances and they always find their way to the rehab. With celebrities it becomes headlines and somehow I wonder why people even do drugs. We just get fascinated watching celebrities in Hollywood, go and come out of rehabs in turns like it is the real issue. Despite gruelling facts about the danger it can do and how much somebody’s life can be ruined, people will always find their way to get hooked on these things. Addiction is perhaps the most dangerous disease in the world because; it goes as far as the mind. The number of people on drugs worldwide would break your heart if we could get the true figure. Many people are quiet addicts and some just don’t seem to care if you knew. Addicts range from all ages, teenagers, older people, male and female and tribe. They are every where and they could be living inside your house. When it comes to Hollywood, rehabs and addicts make headlines.
Sordid details of Ms Amy final hours claim she bought cocktails of narcotics including cocaine, ecstasy and ketamine. Buying drugs from a dealer, late Friday. Some details claim she has been drinking heavily, dangerously with a lethal concoction of drugs and alcohol. Amy, who was said to have suffered from emphysema, a disease of the lungs that causes shortness of breath died at 27 years. She was a talented star with huge potentials but her life has been stolen and she died with dreams, we would never know about. These reports could have their disparity from what really happened but we all know, Amy battled with drugs and alcohol.

Like Amy, other celebrities have passed at 27, which I hear is called the 27club. On the list are Jimi Hendrix, Jim Morrison, Janis Joplin, Kurt Cobain and Rolling Stones’ Brian Jones. What do you know? It is really sad what drugs can do and I wonder why people never keep off drugs. People make huge money from illegal drug sales on street corners, high class bars, joints and just anywhere both in the ghettos and the highbrow areas. Drugs like human trafficking are huge business and the sad thing is these traffickers forget that someone close to them could be the addict. In Hollywood, we have watched over the years how drugs have ended people’s lives, wrecked their careers and even here in Nigeria, it is no different. Many Nigerian celebrities have admitted to tasting coke and claim to be clean, while others still have not gotten over it. It is a way of life and in some quarters, it is classy. Some type of music, their lyrics can induce a young person who is lost to find solace in addiction to these substances.
Some people on the list of drug overdose or drug abuse or addiction will leave you wondering, how they even got themselves there but it is not to be judgemental but to open our eyes to how dangerous drugs can be. Some people get addicted for different reason. Some get hooked to fill the emptiness they experience at a point in their lives at a point, suppress their depression (they suppose so) or because their friends are doing it (peer pressure). The reasons vary but in the end it has no justification, it only ruins.
1.Anna Nicole Smith: Former playboy model, sex symbol, actress, TV personality, found dead with a lethal combination of chloral hydrate and various benzodiazepines in her system on Feb 8, 2007.

2.Sid Vicious: The bassist of the sex pistols and an inductee of the rock and roll hall of fame. Was found dead on Feb 1, 1979 in his post-bail party with an overdose of heroin.

3.Marilyn Monroe: It has been said to be probable suicide. She was found death with an overdose of barbiturates.
4.Corey Haim: Died March 20, 2010. it is believed that his system would have been weakened from previous drug addiction.
5.Brittany Murphy: said to have fainted in her shower.
6.Heath Ledger: Accidental overdose and was not proven to be addiction even though it was speculated.
7.John Belushi: Died 1982 after injecting herself with Speedball (a mixture of cocaine and heroin).

8.River Phoenix: Died of heroin overdose in the presence of his younger brother Joaquin.
9.Mary Anissa Jones: Details of her death were said that she was found dead with some drugs in her system at the time of her death; methaquaione and cocaine.
10.Judy Garland: Died in 1969 from an overdose of barbiturates.
11.Elvis Presley: Overdosing on prescription drugsdiv class="separator" style="clear: both; text-align: center;">
12.Nick Adams: Died in 1968 of possible overdose.
13.Montgomery Clift: Died in 1966 from a mixture of drugs and alcohol.
14.Brad Renfo: Died in 2008 of heroin overdose.
15.Dana Plato: Died in 1999, after overdose of vicodin and vanadium.
16.Robert Pastorelli: Died of Drug overdose in 2004.
17.WC Fields: He is said to have died of alcohol abuse.
18.Dorothy Dandridge: she overdosed on antidepressant.
19.Nick Cantor: Died after injecting shot of pure heroin in 1991.
20.Rodney Harvey: He died in 1998 of possible heroine overdose.

The list is endless and these are those we know and have heard of. Others who have tested to these drugs include: Ray Charles, Jonny Cash, DMX, Dennis Quaid, Whitney Houston, Robert Downey Jr, Jeff Conaway, Mary J. Blige, Mel Gibson, Charlie Sheen, and Ike Turner. This list goes on. While many went on to get cleaned, overcoming their addiction, a lot are still battling it and many still live in denial. Many do not want to admit they are hooked on it, they say they are just experimenting with it. The truth of the whole thing is that drugs can kill you, ruin your life. While rehabs could be helpful, it does not solve it. People get hooked on these substances and their lives begin to fade before their eyes. It drains their lives emotionally. Financially and blinds them to their responsibilities.

We ought to take responsibility for our lives and stop finding reasons to test on drugs. While life on the fast lane may be interesting, it can end even before it begins. This is not about being judgemental or righteous, the pain is, addicts are everywhere and why it is so easy to follow Lindsay Lohan or Britney Spears to rehab, someone right under your nose could be hooked on drugs just as some girls are prostitutes and those around them do not know. It is a sad thing when you look at all these things but it is a thing that will not go away any time soon. With how much money dealers make from it, I just see it that people should look after themselves. Be determined to resist that temptation to test it or succumb to pressure. There is nothing good about it and with how interesting it may seem you are only digging your own grave.