Monday, December 19, 2011

OCCUPY LEKKI: does it work here?

I always thought it an American "Thing" so to say but then we already have occupy Lekki. Does the occupying method works here?  i am not sure after the outcome...
Many people were injured in the process even though it was supposed to be a peaceful protest. Occupy Lekki is a mass protest against the  tolling on Lekki-Epe Expressway. Men of the Police Force allegedly dispersed protestesters with Tear Gas but that resulted in Exhasution of some protesters. The toll which goes as high as N50 for motocycles and N300 for heavy duty vehicles.
The Government of Babatunde Fashola, Lagos State Governor has come under serious critism. With the drama around the fuel subsidy, uncessary new number plates and Drivers' Licence, Nigerians are Tired of the mechasims that run the economy. 
Some Nigerians have said the the Anti-Gay Bill was uneccesary when other pressing needs are screaming for attention...with The Boko Haram theat still lingering and people not feeling safe, poor infrastructure, High Domestic debt, Import driven economy collapse of the educational system( ASUU on strike) and unyeilding policies; President Goodluck Jonathan isincreasingly getting unpopular. The motivation is really low, while we pray, we want result.
I have always liked Fashola but i think he should reconsider this step even though it appears like a made decision.
I really cannot help but keep wondering what is happening in Nigeria.... everyday, we wake up to different disturbing headlines.  Occupy Lekki is obviously not working in a place like Nigeria and it shows the kind of system that works around here.


I woke up this morning to this news on Twitter.
The passing of North Korean Leader, Kim Jon il after 17 years.
He was 69 years old and is reported to have died of heart attack due to mental and physical strain. Other resports say he suffered a severe myocardial infaction along with a heart attack. There are reports of stroke in 2008 and pancreatic cancer. He died 8.30 am, 17th december, 2011, while on a train for 1 of his "feild guadiance' tour.
In 2010 forbes magazine named him the 31st most powerful man in the world. In 2009, the North Korean constitution was amanded and he was referrd to him as the supreme leader. he was known to be a dictator, defying global condenmation to build nuclear weapon at the expense  of his people who are starving.
His son, Kim Jon Un is going to succeed him hopefully. He is a politiacl novice and the youngest son, around 28 years old.The death of the NK Leader makes the end of an era and i want to believe change as well as democracy comes to the country which is now known for her hereditary succession style.  He was known as a repressive leader around the world, normally impossible to negotiate with. Fickle with a cult personality holding almost 23 million people to nightmare regime.
Many North Koreans are crossing the border and especially now, more will move. Some citizens are showing great signs of distraught as the express shock over the death of thier supreme leader but  for the most part, i believe the average north korean wants democracy not withstanding how much respect the had for thier leader. NK is a very close country with little access form the outside world.  Funeral is for 28 december and no foreign delegation will be invited. Dec 17-28 has been declared
We just have to wait and see what happens....2011 sure has taken some  leaders along!