Wednesday, August 17, 2011


Prince Harry, 26 yrs old younger brother of Prince Williams has dumped his girlfriend of 2 months (lingerine model, Florence Brundell-bruce)...saying he does not want to be tied down....phewwwwwwwwwww!

EPIDEMIC OR JUST HEADLINES? 6,000 pupils share Toilet in Lagos...

Remember that child that fell in the school toilet in Alapere area of Lagos? this story goes to say more.

I love Lagos no doubt but this? i am wondering how this got really big. While we wait for the National Health Bill to be signed into law we have to check a way to control this.. 6,000 students to a toilet? or i didn't read it well?

The guilty schools as i read in Punch are:
Are public school Toilets really gone this bad? Dirty and broken seats, faulty entrance doors, broken windows, dilapidated buildings etc.
1. Schools in Tolu Complex, Ajegunle
2. Oriwu Model College, Ikorodu
3.Zumuratal Islamiayath college, Ikorodu
4. Isawo Comprehensive Junior Secondary School, Ikorodu
5. Olodi Apapa Junior and Senior Sec School.
6. Unity Sec School
7.Ojora Memorial Sec school
8. State High Sch

The list is endless.... but i am did we get to this point? in Lagos? But whatever happened to Otunba and his mobile toilet franchise? i believe it is the best way to help the situation.

With this case, i am certain, Shot puts(if you know what i mean) will not go anytime soon. i feel for these students especially girls...too bad but i don't want to believe the Govt is doing nothing! In This our Nigeria now, you have to find a way to survive and that is what schools should do.


It's Likely going to be most secretive weddings in history!

Kim Kardashian and her fiancé, Kris Humphries, are sparing no details. Guests are likely to be going through metal detectors and Blackberries and similar devices will be banned..... what?


Is Bieber fever fading? It happens. The dude is still young, he should cool off and relax...he must have learnt some lessons, i am sure!

LIVING THE AMERICAN DREAM: a new way to enter the United States!

For those desperate or semi desperate or zero-desperate to go to America, here is something you must have already heard...or haven't you? and what is this about? it is the EB-2 Immigrant Visa. It is an employment based second preference immigrant visa category. So! if you are an entrepreneur and you can demonstrate that your business will be in the interest of the states...way to go. With millions of Nigerians applying for American Visa every year and those taking their chance with America Visa Lottery, i am sure this will further ease their desperation. The new visa will include foreign workers with advanced degrees and individuals with exceptional ability in the arts, sciences and business.
What does that mean for people who want to live the American dream? it is called Opportunity... and what about their countries? it is called brain drain. No hard feelings but people will always want to go to America. They are opening their doors to people from all over the world, while many African countries are battling with backward, stagnant movement, they are likely to suffer more brain drain. This i am certain will boost the American economy has always done that. We love America, most people do and that is because they just believe they will make it there. With all her shortcomings, America remains a land of opportunities and freedom (at least for a great part).I agree there is no place like home but truth is, there is always something about America.
Strange enough, Britain is doing something similar.
Many Nigerians continue to relocate, Don Jazzy, D'banj just joined the list of successful Nigerians in that country. In case, you are interested in the EB-2 Visa, visit USCIS website( and get filled on the details. it requires a job offer and a Department of Labour Certification.

CESC IN BARCA loving this!

I am loving CESC in this Shirt...Wenger must really be missing his former captain.....not a good time for Arsenal now...the match ban and the violent conduct charged players...but i just want to believe Arsenal will survive...they still have die hard fans!


This is definitely not a good time for beautiful Steph....She is dealing with a strange woman who calls her from CANADA claiming that her sweetheart Linus Idahosa Has a child to cater for...who does she believe? Mercy who is trying to move on suffered the same fate.....but am wondering...why do these woman have to all come from CANADA? Lets just wait and pretend it is a joke! strange....


Mikel Obi's dad is missing but no proof of abduction. I just hope people will cool down on the panic they are sending will make hing whole thing better. Facts please. The man is missing but yet to proven that he was abducted. Lets pray it is not so...but until then..take it that the man is missing!