Tuesday, October 16, 2012


This Debate came out better for Barack Obama and it gives him an edge. Obama did not really pounce so much on Romney as he was doing to Obama and that gave Obama time to make his points clearer. While Obama was focusing on America, Romney was focusing on Obama! Romney shot himself in the leg many times and in a way he must have unconsciously underestimated the Commander-in-Chief. It was word for word, facts all together....it is a lesson! Romney must have relied so much on his past performance. He focused so much on the past! For you to take The President's job, you had better be smarter than him considering that he is doing the job and you? you are YET to get the job! You must know how to hit your point!

Loving Obama right now....he sure won this debate!

On a fashion note....did you notice that Michelle and Anne rocked  the same colour (PINK)? But i prefered the look better on Mrs Obama. It could be that both women are showing their support for breast cancer awareness. Whatever thier reasons....i guess the most important thing is moving AMerica forward!

I only pray a better way of doing politics happens to us in Africa especially Nigeria, soon! We had better start learning from this Election.