Monday, January 30, 2012


I watched Rafael Nadal and Novak Djokovic play that epic final on Sunday 29th January, 2012…..believe every word; an epic final it was, the greatest ever grand slam finals. How on earth does anyone go on for 5hours and 53 minutes? That would be 7 minutes short of 6hours.
It was just the best game in a long time. The stamina and the endurance it takes to get on with that game was just out of this world. For some minutes, I thought Nadal was coming back and when Novak collapsed with his racket falling off his hands, it was easy to say that Nadal was going to have this one but then Novak got back into the game. It was just like they were going to be at it forever, lone moment someone was high up there, the next minute, he is overtaken, what do you know? The adrenalin was so high and you have to respect these players…..little wonder they are number one and two on the world ranking.I am beginning to reconsider my love for soccer.  After I watched that Tennis final yesterday, I fell in love with tennis all over again…..My team in the  Barclays premiership are not just into the vibe this season, Manchester City football Club just annoyingly sit top of the table but as much I hate their guts, they are good and if they win, they deserve it. I guess it is not the season for us at United; we may have to wait another season…….what do you know? The tides can change, United have class and City our neighbours know that…we’ll just have to wait.
Congrats to Novak and Nadal; the winner knows how hard it was to hold on and I salute their courage, endurance and skill. They should be having a long rest right now! it was nothing short of amazing and I was beginning to wonder if we were going to wait a whole 6 hours but in the end, it was worth all the time.
I could watch it over and over again.