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GOODLUCK JONATHAN IS A JOKE – Professor George @ayittey

I hope Jonathan sees this....just wondering if he will care! This is coming from a Ghanian.... Do you think he should be saying this?
Professor Ayittey holds a B.Sc. in Economics from the University of Ghana, Legon, an M.A. from the University of Western Ontario in Canada, and a Ph.D. from the University of Manitoba. He has taught at Wayne State College and Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania.
He held a National Fellowship at the Hoover Institution in 1988-89, and then joined The Heritage Foundation as a Bradley Resident Scholar.
He founded The Free Africa Foundation in 1993, to serve as a catalyst for reform in Africa.
In 2008 Dr. Ayittey was listed by Foreign Policy as one of the “Top 100 Public Intellectuals” who “are shaping the tenor of our time”. He lives in Lorton, Virginia.

One of the World’s foremost economists, Professor George Ayittey has lashed out at the President of Nigeria, Goodluck Ebele Jonathan (GEJ), describing him as “a joke” and a mediocre President after his (GEJ’s) encounter with the media last night.
According to Professor Ayittey, Nigeria “deserves a better leader”, judging by GEJ’s poor, almost unfortunate responses to some of the questions posed to him by the Nigerian media last night.
The Professor indicated that GEJ’s refusal to declare his assets and his failure to tackle the Boko Haram crisis suggests that he is of an unsound mind.
He therefore called on Nigerians to rid themselves of GEJ as soon as possible.
He said: “Nigerians should not put up with such mediocrity and should mount a RECALL GEJ campaign. They should check Chapter VI of their Constitution. See Sections 143 and 144 about removing the President and Vice-President from office other than through elections”.
“137; 1c: “A person shall not be qualified for election to the office of President if under the law in any part of Nigeria, he is adjudged to be a lunatic or otherwise declared to be of unsound mind.”
Professor Ayittey, a Ghanaian economist, author, president of the Free Africa Foundation in Washington DC, professor at American University, and an associate scholar at the Foreign Policy Research Institute, made this known on twitter this morning.

Read the entire tweet below: @ayittey
“Look, this GEJ guy is a joke – a meretricious mediocrity. Nigerians deserve a better leader. Fancy his statements and responses to questions in a media chat on June 24, 2012:
• He has not visited Borno state, the center of Boko Haram attacks, because the airport there was not functional at the time he planned to visit. “And we did not want to land somewhere and fly in to Maiduguri with a helicopter for obvious reasons.”
[Why is the airport not functioning? Why hasn’t it been fixed? And are there no ROADS into Borno State?]
• Asked why he had not declared his assets, Mr. Jonathan replied in an impatient tone, stating “I don’t give a damn” about declaration of assets. He related that he had gone to the late President Umaru Yar’Adua to caution “that we should not play to the hands of some people [by openly declaring their assets].” Mr. Jonathan added, “That is a matter of principle and I am not going to declare. It is not the president declaring his asset that will end Boko Haram.”
• The president said it’s a matter of principle and whether he is criticised from “head to toe” he will not declare his assets. “It is not right,” he said. “I didn’t want even want to declare my assets as VP” but was forced by the then president, Umara Musa Yar’Adua. He said asset declaration is “not the right thing to do.”
[Damn it, it is a constitutional requirement to declare your assets, Mr. President. See Chapter VI, Part 1, Section 140 of Nigeria’s Constitution: “Declaration of assets and liabilities, oaths of President.” And what the hell has Boko Haram got to do with declaration of assets?]
• Agriculture: The president said his government is revolutionizing agriculture in Nigeria.”We are giving cotton seeds free in the North” he said.
[This is the most crass definition of an “agricultural revolution” – by providing free seeds.]
• The President said the government is doing very well in railway construction. “You may not know, but we are working,” he said. He added that his government has made a “significant progress” in railway construction. “You should commend us,” he adds.
[What “significant progress” has been made in railway construction? How many Nigerians are working on railway construction with the contract given to Chinese firms?]
• UNILAG name change: The president said what he did, in terms of law, was correct. You change the name first, then send the bill to the National Assembly later, he argues. “What we did, was the normal procedure,” he said.
[No, Mr. Presient, you had it backward. Before you change the name of University of Lagos (UNILAG), you consult with the university and the student body, which you did NOT do.]
• Crude Oil Theft: “The stealing of crude oil is a Nigerian phenomenon,” the president said. He adds that it has gone cancerous. “We will stop it, but it is like allowing a cancerous cell to grow into a major tumor.”
[Mr. President, theft of crude oil is a CRIME, not a “Nigerian phenomenon or a disease afflicting Nigerians. Describing it that way means you are CLUELESS about how to solve it.]
Nigerians should not put up with such mediocrity and should mount a RECALL GEJ campaign.
They should check Chapter VI of their Constitution. See Sections 143 and 144 about removing the President and Vice-President from office other than through elections.
137; 1c: “A person shall not be qualified for election to the office of President if under the law in any part of Nigeria, he is adjudged to be a lunatic or otherwise declared to be of unsound mind.” Link: ”


Goodluck Jonathan and his recent comments...... He obviously seems to know what he is doing! There is a huge feeling of confidence.... We have a way with words in Nigeria, only that words rarely translate to actions.

“Boko Haram has no face. Government will not dialogue with a faceless group. I don’t know what they want except to destabilise the country. The target of any terrorist group is to destabilise. By attacking churches, they try to instigate Christians against Moslems. 
“Soon, if they don’t succeed with that, they may attack mosques so that Moslems will attack Christians. But we are working very hard and we will stop it.” 

He said if members of the  group state its  grievance, he would encourage those who have been in touch with them to go ahead and pacify them and make them see why they must stop the killings.
“The Boko Haram members are Nigerians and I will rather not want to lose the life of any Nigerian. Boko Haram has no face. Government will not dialogue with a faceless organisation.
“Security is a global challenge; just like the economic meltdown. Government is on it. Boko Haram changes their tactics every day, we are also changing and we will continue to adjust.”
 “We will encourage those with access to them to dialogue with them. Even (Islamic leader, Dr) Datti Ahmed has access to them, we will encourage him,” he said. 

 ON HIS TRIP TO BRAZIL (Nigeria reports say went with the highest number of delegates)
The President also defended his decision to attend the Earth Summit in Brazil soon after the last round of bombings in Kaduna and Yobe states. 
“I have no regrets going to Brazil,” Jonathan said. “I sympathise with the people who lost loved ones. I feel the pain. When I hear that one person dies, I feel so sad. 
“But the government in Nigeria must not stop for a second because of terrorists. Boko Haram and their sponsors will not stop government from functioning. The Vice-President, the Senate President, the Speaker, all must keep faith with their engagements. The country must move on.” 
“I have no regrets going to Brazil. I feel the pain when I hear that some people died. Those who were worried got worried out of ignorance. Part of their plans is to muzzle government. The government of Nigeria must not stop for a moment; government must function. It would have communicated something too negative and the consequences would have been bad for the image of the country. It would have meant that the country was unsafe.
“I could have sent the Vice President or any other person, but the day the international community gets to know that even the President could not travel, then we would be in serious trouble. All arms of government will keep faith with their national and international engagements. We sympathise with the level of damage, but we must bring it to an end.”

 Jonathan said the fight against corruption has not been lost. Asked about the allegation that anti-graft agencies wait for the President’s “body language” before bringing corruption charges against suspects, Jonathan said it was not true. 
“I give them the latitude to do their work. If a person is doing a job and is waiting for the President’s body language, then he is not committed,” he said. 
The President said he picked the Chairman of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC),  Ibrahim Lamorde, even though he investigated him when he was governor of Bayelsa State because Nigerians have confidence in him. 
“Nigerians have confidence in Larmode and I also believe in him. I have confidence in Lamorde.” 
The President also, for the first time, spoke on the on the sacking of former EFCC boss Mrs Farida Waziri. He said she was sacked due to loss of confidence as there were many allegations against her.
He, however, said sacking her was not an indication that all the allegations against her were true. He said it was better for the head of an anti-corruption agency not to be tainted or seen to be tainted
The President said because Nigeria practices English law, sometimes it is not easy to obtain the 90 per cent proof to secure a criminal conviction. 
“The burden on these agencies is enormous. It takes time to build a case file,” the President said. 
Jonathan, who also pleaded that the anti-graft agencies be given time to work, denied being part of the alleged sting operation to nail Hon. Farouk Lawan.
He also noted that before the House probe, the Federal Government had earlier set up a panel to look into the subsidy issue, adding that “if we have something to hide, we would not have brought in Nuhu Ribadu who contested against me in the last presidential electuion”.
He also said that before now, he had asked for an international audit firm to audit NNPC.
Citing the reported case of money transfer in the United States concerning the Nigerian Embassy, the President said he has asked the EFCC to investigate the report. “If I get report even in a newspaper, I give directive to necessary security agencies to investigate.

Regarding the oil subsidy probe by the House of Representatives over which the Presidency is accused of orchestrating a sting operation that led to the suspension of chairman of the probe panel Farouk Lawan for collecting $620,000 from oil baron Femi Otedola, Jonathan said he had nothing to do with it. 
“I have nothing to hide,” the President said. He said he would not have appointed former opposition Action Congress of Nigeria (ACN) Presidential candidate Nuhu Ribadu head of petroleum revenue task force if he was not sincere about ridding the petroleum sector of corruption. 
“If I want to do a sting operation, why would I use Femi (Otedola)? The fact is that criticising Jonathan is a big business in Nigeria,” Jonathan said. 

On why he has not declared his assets, the President said: “It is personal and I don’t give a damn about that. The law is clear about it and so making it public is no issue and I will not play into the hands of the people. I have nothing to hide. I declared under the late President Umaru Musa Yar’Adua becuase he did it, but it is not proper. I could be investigated when I leave office. You don’t need to publicly declare your assets and it is a matter of principle. It is not the President declaring assets that will change the country. We should go after issues that will develop the country.


I find it all too familiar that a supposed queen, a peagant veteran can be so desperate to reduce her age.... (although she has denied it)   all  ladies cannot be under 25years...wether we like it or not, we must get old. People say age is just a number but deep down they are not even true to themselves. There is still life after you are 25 years old except you have no direction in life. How old you feel is an issue what goes on in your mind.

Miss Isabella Ayuk looks older than 25 years old (IN MY OPINION) and now that she has been caught, stripped of her title (whatever reason given for the development), i hope it will be a lesson to others..... You don't have to be a beauty queen to make impact. It is a shame that corruption trails our peagant. If somebody can be have intergrity issue in a matter as little as age, God knows what happens in bigger issues.  Damiete CHARLES-GRANVILLE. (PICTURED BELOW) will now represent Nigeria at the miss World Peagant in MOngolia while ISabella goes for the MIss Universe!

GOOD NEWS FOR UNILAG (AKOKITES)....Court stops FG from renaming UNILAG

A Federal High Court in Lagos on Monday granted an interim order restraining the Federal Government from renaming the University of Lagos.

The order was granted by Justice Stephen Adah, who was ruling in the suits brought against the May 29, 2012 renaming of the institution by the students and alumni of the University of Lagos.
The court, however, advised the litigants to harmonise the suits into one and adjourned further hearing till July 4.
The defendants in the suits are UNILAG, the UNILAG Governing Council, the UNILAG Senate, the Attorney-General of the Federation and the National Assembly.
President Goodluck Jonathan had last month renamed the University of Lagos after the late businessman and acclaimed winner of the June 12, 1993 presidential election, MKO Abiola.
The renaming of the institution as Moshood Abiola University was greeted by protest from the students and staff of the school. Others criticized the president for not following due process in renaming UNILAG. They insisted that the president should have consulted with the National Assembly before making the pronounciation on democracy.
President Jonathan on Sunday during a presidential media chat with selected journalist said that he did not breach the consititution of Nigeria in renaming the University of Lagos. He said the renaming the insitution is similar to the process the president can  declare state of emergency before subjecting the matter before the National Assembly.
He supported his arguement by saying that he just signed the act establishing the University of Uyo, a university that according to him have being producing Phd graduates.


The condition people find themselves sometimes makes them to choose a path that can destroy them.... this story just shows how desperate people can be to save themselves and thier situtaions (they think they can). It further shows how one wrong decision can change matter what your reason, keep your sanity! With the economic condition in Nigeria, you could loose your mind. You must be determined to do what is right.....emotions does not save you when yoju are caught.  Read The news below....

Woman inserts 66 wraps of narcotics in private part....

The law enforcement agents, at the screening section  of the Murtala Muhammed International Airport in Lagos on Friday, arrested a woman, Mande Bala who had 66 wraps of narcotics, in her private part.
 The lady was promptly arrested by officials of the National Drug Law Enforcement Agency shortly before she was due to board a Kenyan Airways flight to Nairobi.
The NDLEA Commander at the airport, Hamza Umar, confirmed the arrest, saying “the quantity of drugs that Bala had inserted in her private part was so much that it affected her gait, drawing the attention of the NDLEA officials. No suspect has ever inserted such a large quantity of drugs in the country. Usually, cases of insertion are not more than 300g. The discovery was shocking.”

A local newspaper reported that in all, the 66 wraps of methamphetamine expelled from Bala’s private part weighed 1kg.
Ms Bala, who claimed to be a widow and mother of three, said she was pushed to trafficking in drugs in order to raise school fees for her children.
Her excuse:
“I am a widow; my husband died in 2007. I have got three children to take care of.  I need N45,000 to pay some fees for my child and I also had to take care of my rent because I have a quit notice to leave my house in July. I was actually supposed to swallow the drugs but I was too scared to do so. I then decided on my own to hide them instead in my private parts because I was scared I would die if I ingested the drugs. I have heard such things happen. Although it was difficult for me to walk, I had to do my best because there is no one else to take care of my children,” 

In his reaction, the chairman of the NDLEA, Ahmadu Giade, described the incident as disturbing.
“Apart from the quantity of drugs caught with her, her route is a new development in drug trafficking. Drug barons now adopt a relay approach to drug trafficking. They wanted to use her to take the drug to another African country before using an indigene of that country to take the drug to other continents, where the profit is higher. We are not oblivious of their moves and we are prepared to nip them in the bud,” he said.
According to the agency, no suspect has ever inserted such a large quantity of drugs in her private part since the establishment of the NDLEA in 1989. The suspect, who is a graduate of accounting from a South-West university, lives at Ijoko in Ogun State and is a native of Lagos Island in Lagos State. She will be charged to court at the conclusion of investigations.


You just wake up in Nigeria and the next thing you hear that one bomb has exploded some just keep greiving at the number of casualties and the annoyance that comes with the lukewarmness nature of our leaders is just strange! Doesn't it bother them that innocent people loose thier lives or that the bloodshed is getting worse how do they sleep?

JONATHAN TELLING BOKO HARAM TO STATE THIER GRIEVIANCES (at this time after all the blood shed)
I just hopeour dear President is not endangering more lives saying Boko Haram has no face..... how many Nigerians believe that?  Enough bllod has alreday been shed but the whole thing has stayed the same way.
In his own words...
“Boko Haram has no face and government will not have dialogue with faceless people,” Jonathan said in an interview late yesterday on state-owned NTA television. “They must come out and tell us why they are doing what they are doing.”
 Goodluck Jonathan  who spoke days after he fired his defense and security ministers and sayng his government needed to change tactics in the fight against Boko Haram. (All too familiar proceedure). This annoyuncement comes after the bloodshed in the northern city of Kaduna and Damaturu and clashes between Muslims and Christians this month killed as many as 180 people.
I am not suprised at Andrew Azazi replacement as national security adviser by Sambo Dasuki, a retired U.S.-trained colonel who is a cousin of Alhaji Muhammad Sa’ad Abubakar III, the current Sultan of Sokoto and nominal head of Nigeria’s Muslim community. Defense Minister Haliru Mohammed Bello was also fired, Jonathan said. No replacement has been named.

“It is not as if the old hands are not good, but you also have to change your tactics,” Jonathan said. “We will continue to adjust our security architecture and where there is need to change personnel to work into our program, we will surely do it.” 

Mr President.......?????


It is not in place to judge but seriously it makes you wonder....when a pastor is divorcing the second time.... GOD HELP US. Incase you are wondering which Chris Okotie, it is the same one we all know. The Grammatical -pastor.

 Remember......On the 7th and 8th of August 2008, the  popular pastor and FRESH PARTY  presidential candidate, Reverend Kris Okotie married Stephanie Henshaw. It was a great celebration of the couple who had both been previously married. 
Reverend Chris had been divorced from his first wife for over a decade while Stephanie was a widow.
It came as a shock when Pastor Kris announced on Sunday, 24th of June 2012 that “Stephanie and I are no longer married. We have separated. You can see she’s not in church today. It’s due to irreconcilable differences…you should please respect our wishes at this time because there is no going back.“.

It really makes you sad...not judgemental when this happens to a man of GOD.... what wuold members then do? God have mercy on us to help us make good decisions and remember that our lives are books other people read.