Thursday, December 29, 2011


What is the point in you getting mad? What does it solve? That something is getting the best of you is not for you to get mad….you get even! Reach that destination! The world is such that the rich are getting richer and the poor, poorer; there is no middle man; you are either moving up the ladder or going down the ladder, which is how the society works these days. It helps if you know somebody and if you have that silver spoon syndrome but more importantly, what you know can change the course of your life for good.
The numbers of unemployed, underemployed people are so alarming all over the world….so this is not the time to get mad….find excuses and blame somebody or the Government. It is time for you to fight, to believe in yourself and survive.  You cannot just give up on yourself or feel sorry that no one cares about me… will be so disappointed. The world is moving so fast and the society is selfish but that is no excuse…. You must and you should never get mad. Whatever your challenges, it is time for you to rise above it and let that propel you to fight for what you believe it. Strive harder. This is not the time to give up. You want a car? Then work your ass off for it. That is how you get even. Getting even isn’t so much about proving a point or hitting hard on someone, it is achieving what you want and still having your dignity fully intact. No one has to get hurt or you do not have to sell your soul to get even.
I read a newspaper spread recently which clearly says that “getting a job is serious work”. That you are unemployed and that you are looking for another job is an office already. I bet many people never knew, reading it was revealing and it will help a lot of young people as well as those seeking a change of job….. It further goes to talk on mindset. Very true. Your disposition matters in life. It is not so much about your condition but your decision and what you know informs your decision.
The rate of unemployment and lowering life expectancy in this part of the world calls for us to look inwards and take a stock of what we have been up to. Getting angry at the rich or the politicians will not solve a single thing. We must figure our way through the chaos and move ahead. Stop hating, stop getting angry….get even and open your mind to reality. In case you are still stuck with the entitlement mentality that someone else is responsible for you or that the Government must do this or do that for you do be able to take a step, you will end up 40years old and very disappointed. Possibly, you are yet to realise that life is not about grades anymore, as much as it is great, do not forget that there are loads of first class and second class upper graduates roaming the streets unemployed. Some are even flipping burgers…in a bid to survive.
Take the initiative and find your way. Times are hard and there is no guarantee it will get better. The effort you use to envy, plot someone’s downfall, and use it to make your life better. The times you spend looking for phone numbers of influential people and contacts just in a bid to make your leg longer for better opportunities, use it to challenge your gifts. This is not the era for you to begin choosing some type of job, some type of environment or who you must work with. Dream big dreams but don’t forget reality. This is not the time to get mad, blame your parents, teachers, background, spouse, children or whoever  for what they did or did not do….this is not the time to envy your girlfriend because she has made it big or plot ways to bring her down….let whatever you feel, propel you to hunger for greatness. Not to cut corners but having the patience to pursue your dreams legitimately. Life is never fair and you must be willing to fight continually, survive. Envy, jealousy, Crime, short cuts, strife, back biting will not take you far and it will never put a good man down. Pursue knowledge and let it drive you to the top, not being angry and sorry. If you have a challenge, if you cannot resist the feeling to envy and bad mouth somebody, all you have to do is find a solution. You can learn from those who have made it, not to envy them and rejoice at their down fall. Not to get mad and expect the world to stop rotating. You are one in how many billion people on the face of the earth? 7 billion and counting! The world owes you nothing and you are responsible for your actions. Deal with it. Remember, you do not have to prove a point or run someone down… you have a destination, reach it…that is how you get even. You have to get there legitimately and enjoy every step of the way.
It is not about getting mad; it is all about getting even!


The BBC is making headlines this time again…what for? They have decided to choose a Panda named Tian Tian (Sweetie) as one of its female faces of the year!...oh yeah…exactly as you see it. A panda! Does it mean no other woman fit? Some things are just outrageous, funny and makes you wonder…. Tian  Tian a female panda arrived at the Edinburgh zoon on loan from China earlier in the year with huge publicity. That decision has provoked angry tweets. Some of the tweets read;

“So the BBC couldn’t find a woman for Sports Personality of the year, but they could find a panda for female face of 2011” Former Deputy Prime Minister, John Prescott

“No offence to Sweetie---su5re a lovely panda and best in the class etc----but clue is in the title ‘women’ not  ‘female of the species’ of the year. Labour MP Stella Creasy

What’s more? BBC has been criticised because a quarter of the female faces this year were chosen because of their involvement in marriages. You guessed right….Pippa Middleton (it helps when The Royal Family is your in-law), South African Charlene Wittstock who married Prince Albert of Monaco and Spanish Billionaire the Duchess of Alba 85, who tied the knot with a civil servant 24 years her junior. This is not the first time an animal make the list for doing nothing…

In 2009, Benson the Carp, a giant fish was August’s entry on the male list and Last year Peppa the pig was on the female list.  Being popular works more….how can an animal possibly be of more value than a human being?


Great way for Maria and Arnold to start the new year! They reportedly spent the christmas together despite having filed for divorce. Maria Shriver i hear is set to pardon her husband after all the scandals...she reminds me of Jackie Kennedy-Onasis. Forgiveness rocks and its the best path...
Divorce isn't neccesarily worth all the stress. Arnold mustbe a happy man right now! I respect Maria even much more now and i think she has a lot of courage to do what is right even though not easy!

KIM KARDASHIAN PAID $600k to host Vegas New year's eve Gig

Kim Kardashian may have suffered press bashing after are famous divorce from Kris Humpries but she still banks cash. She is reportedly paid $600k to host a new year's eve gig in Las Vegas. She was paid $500k to host that last year.....Just great and a way to bounce back and prove that she is still very much alive and standing...


 I find it very interesting...sleeping and waking up with one whole day behind? how? International Dateline will move...the Samoans will go to bed 11:59pm to wake up saturday morning. This puts Samoans 3hours ahead of western Australia instead of 21hours behind.
Just amazing! A whole means those born on the 30th of December will have to miss a birthday this year!