Tuesday, February 28, 2012


 This is no longer news..but i am really happy for Octavia...she inspires me.... Just to say Congrats once again! It goes to say...anything is possible, Keep the faith! I love that dress....

OPRAH WINFREY Vs ANGELINA JOLIE: what's the big deal?

 I really donot understand what the big deal really is..... that Oprah Winfrey recycled a gown and that stuff about Angelina Jolie's right leg....I find them funny and over the top. what do you know?
The type of things that make headlines....strange! Maybe, i just don't get it. Is there any rule that says people shouldn't repeat clothes and how a person's leg can be so huge that the whole person.
No doubt both women look stunning....or maybe, was it how Jolie posed with that leg? was she trying so hard? whatever!


It is major headline now that James Ibori pleads guilty but the point here is how will this change the face of corruption in Nigeria?  The corruption in Nigeria is beyond words, it has eaten deep into the fabrics and the foundation of our society....it is without shame and remorse. There are worse cases than his, just that they have not been caught. It is a shame how priviledge and power can corrupt.....how messed up a man's life can be. Even those who are more curropt than Ibori will begin to preach now but the average Nigerian knows better.
Ibori  and his accomplices are the newest scape goats but they used to be sacred cows as many still remains. Ibori is without those his friends now and i bet he never imagined he'll end up this way.....but that is life! You carry your cross and your shame: it is always personal.  I am tempted to believe it is because it was in a UK court, things may have gone otherwise in Nigeria, you know how magic happens here,it could just vanish. It is good news but just a drop of water in the ocean....the same man who couldd have been the next Nigerian President....that tells the type of politics that happens here...but i remain hopeful that things will get better....

Saturday, February 25, 2012


BIG CONGRATS  to The GOGE AFRICA FAMILY, Isaac and Nneka Moses...after 13 years....it all turns up as a baby boy!