Friday, March 9, 2012


Take a step! There is too much hype about planning, everybody seems to have a plan, we even know how to act but for the most part, we never do. When will start doing that nice plan on our bookshelf, that stuff we wrote in our pocket notebook, visit that friend, begin doing the things we love and enjoy? No matter how huge your intentions are, no matter what you believe in, if you are not action oriented, you are as good as the man who has no plan at all. Probably, you planning one huge stuff, waiting for the right time to do it and you hype it, dream it and begin to feel cool about it, if you do not act on it, you are as good as that other guy who just goes about with no plan, at least, he has not invested his energy to plan anything while you are just day dreaming, talking about it. people are probably tired of hearing talk about it. You have been saying you will go back to school, this is 3 years gone and yet you have no attempt to register because you are waiting for the right time. You want to write ICAN, you say it, you seem to know everything about it but you simply cannot get yourself to read because you say you are busy. If you really want it you will do a thing about it because if a thing is important, we surely will have the time for it. How come you never forget to brush your teeth and you never miss out on your favourite sitcom?
As Christians, we know that faith MUST be with works. It is everything, without works, your faith is dead. It does not matter how you say to people you are a better dressmaker, a better tailor, a better writer, a better footballer, a better model, a better preacher than someone who is already doing it. it changes nothing because you are just there doing nothing about it. People talk every day, all sorts of analysis; routine meetings without end, people just sit and listen to all the good intentions, all the “what we are going to do” grammar, resolutions, resources and people’s time are just wasted because in the end, nothing ever really happens. You come to meeting again, read the minutes, correct mistakes, adopt it and say the same things. The cycle continues and it is likewise with many of our private lives.  It is like going to church, hearing great sermon, you are awakened but then you go back to who you use to be. You just shout Hallelujah like you were so touched by the message, dance to music, wave your hands but your life never changes because, you still do the same thing. You even forget the preaching before you reach your house.
The world is such that people want answers not analysis, results not prospects. Don’t sit there, do something about your plans, your dreams.


 Take full responsibility for your life. I bet you have heard that times over but are you really doing that? This includes taking responsibility for your choice, decisions and actions. Quit blaming others, somebody else or something for whatever it is. You really should grow up, face it and get over yourself. Taking responsibility involves doing something, not sitting down there and doing nothing.
Quit feeling sorry for yourself, it is your life, in case you forgot that, you have that responsibility to yourself to get yourself living.

Yeah, do something. Even if you say, Margaret, i want to do something about how am feeling, where I am in life but how do i begin? No matter how crossed your roads are, you can begin by;
-          Saying a simple prayer to God, tell Him how you feel and ask Him to help you. That is somewhere to start.
-          You can also re-evaluate your life, your plans and think through. THINK! It is not extinct yet (as my brother BJ once said), which means, it is okay to think things through starting NOW.
-          Quitting a life of complaining: whining about everything and getting worked up over things you cannot do anything about. Do not waste your time complaining to people who cannot help you, that is what most of us do.
-          Accepting yourself just as you are. Tell yourself the truth and admit your weaknesses but don’t let it weigh you down.
-          Face what isn’t working in your life and deal with it. Stop making excuses about them, whatever they are and decide that you want to move on.
-          Get on with the right people, people who light your fire and drive you towards positive movement in your life.

These are ways you can begin or do something about whatever it is, you want to do something about. People can talk all day about their plans. These people are everywhere; sometimes it is you and me. We find them as parents, siblings, bosses, politicians, colleagues: they are everywhere but the funny part is Talk is cheap. The queue for “talking” is so long but more people are still joining it, while the one for doing is very short. People wish to join; they really really want to join the “doing” line, they even pray to join but they never do anything about it. It is so hard for people to cross from the talking to the doing line. I hear it is so hard to do, yeah! Joining the doing line but i also hear it is possible. Perhaps, we should strive and hold unto the possibility. Success people are action oriented and it is the difference between excellence and average. ACTION!


 I have heard so much about MRS FELA-DUROTOYE and sometimes it’s hard to understand that hype that goes with it. Since I have never met her in person, I really could explain what makes her that person that inspires people, besides, I am not so much of a make up person……but that all changed after my experience at FATE FOUNDATION Women’s seminar on the 8th of March, 2012. She walks her talk and she represents the make believe of the benefit of being an Entrepreneur. She is the type of woman you can go on listening to and feel inspired. House of Tara is brand but beyond all that, Tara is an epitome of hard work and a testimony to the fact that you can do what you love successfully.
I want to be my own boss and that drives me everyday. That is where the future lies. The road is not easy, it is not for the faint hearted and it is not one short trip. You must be ready to go the extra mile, learn from your failure and get better. You must focus! I was truly inspired yesterday and felt that oomph to keep going. Big thanks to FATE FOUNDATION…that experience will always be a plus! I would do it all over again.