Tuesday, January 3, 2012


 NEW YEAR.....news...Congrats to the King Himself.
NBA superstar LeBron James is engaged to marry long-time girlfriend Savannah Brinson, who accepted his proposal at a lavish New Year's Eve dinner party in Miami.
Brinson was the high school sweetheart of the Miami Heat playmaker and is the mother of James' two sons, seven-year-old LeBron Jnr and four-year-old Bryce.
No wedding date was immediately set.
The party was hosted by Dwyane Wade, James' Heat teammate. The bash was also a birthday party for James, who turned 27 on Friday.
As the clock struck midnight, Wade made a key off-court pass to James, handing over the engagement ring he had been holding until that moment.
"He was just trying to catch her off-guard," Wade said. "I thought he did a good job of catching her when she least expected it."
James then kneeled before Brinson and proposed. She accepted.
"It was real cool," James said. "It was an opportunity for me with my personal life, so it was good. My girl, she's very excited."
So are the groom-to-be's NBA pals.
"Happy for my brother KingJames and sis SavannahRB on their engagement!!! Extremely happy for them and the good times to come," Los Angeles Clippers guard Chris Paul posted on his Twitter account.
Heat owner Micky Arison tweeted: "Congrats to Lebron. KingJames and Savannah so happy 4 u guys."

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Aretha Franklin is Engaged...She has announced her engagement to long time Boyfriend William "Willie" Wilkerson.The Grammy-award winning singer has been married twice before, first to Ted White in 1961 for eight years, then actor Glynn Turman in 1978 for six years. For her third ceremony, the soul singer is said to be looking into tailored wedding gowns by Vera Wang, Valentino and Donna Karan.
Franklin, who has won 18 Grammy awards, is one of the most successful singers in the history of popular music.
She has been inducted into the Rock 'n' Roll Hall of Fame and in 2005 was also awarded the Presidential Medal Of Freedom, America's highest civilian honour.
Aretha (69-year-old singer )and William "Willie" Wilkerson hope to marry later this year in Miami, the wedding expected to be on a beach with a private party afterwards on board a yacht.
The pair became engaged over the Christmas holidays, according to news agency AP.
"We're looking at June or July for our date, and no I'm not pregnant, LOL!," Franklin said in a statement.
Willaim Wilkerson is a former firefighter who i hear she met more than 27 years ago while signing autographs in her hometown of Detroit, Michigan. They struck up a friendship after Wilkerson asked the singer to sign the cast around his broken leg.
Praying you find the happiness you deserve....ALL THE BEST!


This is 2012....you shuold be thinking on how to make your life productive....and you can achieve that if you do what you love....
Ask yourself what are you worth? What is your time worth? Entrepreneurs will agree with me on this.
  1. As long as what you do adds value and you have a working system, you will get your cash even when you are not working.  Build a system that generates income 24/7, something that lets you enjoy other parts of your life. Things like running a website that works by number of clicks, manufacturing, and royalty from intellectual work.
  2. When you are doing what you love, you gain extensive experience. You become more productive because, you enjoy every minute you spend. And you will do more. When you start out, you are eager to learn but with time you will discover you are no longer learning anything new, you begin to experience stagnation. Soon, you becomes desperate for an MBA or another qualification to stay put and avoid being obsolete. But ask yourself, what will all these qualifications be worth in 30 years from now? If you did something creative, like an invention, a book, a piece of music or a song, it is likely to outlive you.
  3. You experience true freedom. This is because you are not caged. You have the freedom to plan your life. You can mix work and play, be creative and no risk of being fired.  You have better sleep and your day is planned according to your own schedule. You have a great sense of security. When you work for somebody, you can be fired at anytime even when you did nothing wrong. That is what it means to have power and once you have a boss, he has that power. You are not under any panic of loosing your job. Nobody can fire you because you are the work yourself. Anywhere you go; it is carried on your inside. The freedom of doing what you really want, sharing important moments with people dear to you is sweet. You can hop on the plane and plan your vacation without needing any permission. Since you have a system that works, it rakes in cash for you even while you are on vacation.
  4. You cease being a coward. Because you are responsible for yourself, you do not play the blame game. You make the decisions and you test your courage. A lot of people have sacrificed it all on the altar of fear. It is the reason people compromise and they eventually loose their will to choose.
  5. Your creativity genius awakens. It is how you survive, so it’s always awake. You do not need to submit your will or be taught how to dress, talk and move. Your mind is challenged and it is opened to opportunities. Sitting behind the desk does not make that happen. All you see is the computer and the soft ware. A bunch of people you see everyday, dressing the same way. It is just boring. When your creativity is tasked, you experience adventure and that is what life should entail.
  6. Your social life is far better, when you are doing what you enjoy; you meet people like yourself from all works of life. Different people with different approach. You are not limited by social conditioning and your life does not begin and end in the four walls of your office. That is what many people know. Colleagues and colleagues and colleagues. They are, for the most parts office mates, true friendship is rare. Just like you, they are there for the money. Anything goes wrong you are on your own. With a great social life, you can mix better and learn better and you do so without being under pressure. Your life is not boring because there are new things to discover and talk about. You can hold a conversation on anything.
  7. The sweetest part is, if you do not like people you can avoid them. If you do not like their business ethics, you can walk away from it. Unlike when you have one for a boss. You still say yes sir even when it kills your initiative. You just bear it even when it is not healthy, just to keep the job and get the money. As much as you need people to be successful, you cannot work with everybody. There are people you walk away from. You have the liberty to do that.
  8. You are your own boss! It a hard feat to achieve but it is one of the sweetest things to experience in life.


After all said and done, our dear president still went on to remove the fuel subsidy… I try to wonder where this is taking us to. With fuel queues building up and increase in transport fare, we all can but imagine where we are headed.  Are already battling with erratic power supply, inflation, how exactly do Nigerians cope with N141/litre? Do these people actually ask critical questions before they make any decision? Who are they listening to? I am not surprised; this is Nigeria!
Complaining will not solve anything and Nigerians are known for how much talk we can talk but little action. Our anger thermometer can rise to the max but that is it, we rarely act on our convictions….it is one major reason why even our politicians ride us; they know that many of us are only bluffing. All manner of Talk shows on TV like it solves a single thing…. I don’t see complaining as a way forward. We really have to start questioning ourselves, our inner beliefs and what we stand for. Are we continually going to be pushed around, bluff and do nothing?  Even in our private lives, we must drive our inner gut to get things done….not just talk and complain. Figure a way out to make your life better no wait on this Government…. It is obviously on a different page.

In the end, Nigerians will mellow down. Fuel Subsidy is major headline now… after some time, it fades and it is swept under the carpet. We know here that if prices go up, they rarely come down. All the drama around this Fuel subsidy tells the kind of people we are; not like we trusted our leaders in the first place but this makes it worse. It is everyman for himself. The emergence of jungle justice is a wake up call.

I don’t have to waste my energy to complain about what the President did or did not do. It does not put food on my table, besides, he does not know what the average Nigeria goes through to survive everyday and that is why it is easy for those at the top to talk of endurance. What do they know? People who claim to have humble beginnings but they appear to have forgotten everything about that background. Why stake your whole life and dreams on people who are so occupied dealing with their personal headache…they don’t even remember you are there! People with foreign family members, they are aliens to the Nigerian System… they live abroad.
When they come to Nigeria, they get the best jobs, Live in the choicest areas, ride the best cars, hang out in the best places, they live privileged lives……why would I stake my life on that? I put my life in the Hands of God because He knows how it feels…..He keeps His word! We must survive…..That is what keeps us going!