Tuesday, May 22, 2012


Gambling can come in many forms, it is a habit that anyone can become its addict..... It has been discovered that People, especially around here enjoy get-rich-quick lifestyle! This is why it is so easy to swindle people.... and make it look so easy as just sending a text! People are "harmlessly" milked and they forget that they are alreday making the rich richer.
Many brands associtae themselves with happiness....something that appeals to many people. It is really sad, what people have become..because of the desperation to "arrive" early. It is so much about the money these days. People can do all sorts to get rich, that is why it is easy for brand sto easily milk customers.... Many of these schemes are played by the young, the unemployed...because they have the time and many are yet to experience reality bites... The temptation is really huge! The pressure is there, to make it now or never...

They tell you to send a text that doesn't cost much! It looks cheap and easy. When you begin, you caught and just keep hoping you could win. Instead of people to foicus on Hardwork...face reality, they become overtaken with wishful thinking! I don't mean to paint any barnd black...but the truth is, consumers are being milked....and it is all for profit, not so much for "giving back" as they want us to believe! Make sure, you are not being caught in that cycle...you will go broke playing thier games..and your chances of winning is so slim. It is not always as easy as it seems and you may end up at the loosing end: drained in many ways you will never imagine. The Brands have nothing to loose...for as many times as you try...they profit and they tell you to keep trying!

If you are going to take your chance....you might as well invest it into something rewarding...far more tangible. It is okay to want easy  money, just don't loose your soul.

There are better things in your life to focus...besides, hard and smart work does not kill. We have to re-valuate our lives, to actually know what is important. The crave and the craze for material thing can ruin anybody. Choose value.....refuse to be bought and sold cheap lies. You may think these things will never come or they are taking too long.....but soon you will discover that its a just a feeling! Truth is...it will come and in a good time.


It is really easy to get caught in the life of chasing the wind. You spend a whole day chasing vain things…you think you are busy but before you know it; you are totally drained and completely lost in the endless cycle of the rat race.
I heard it in Church and it is beginning to make sense to me…. The devil burdens humans with 3 things:

- The Lust of the Eyes

- The Lust of the Flesh

- The Pride of Life.

These 3 things are the basis of the conflicts and emptiness we experience in the world today. Most people become pre-occupied with achieving a life for only themselves. It is always about them. You really have to be careful not to become preoccupied with achieving for yourself only…It is not going to always be about you. Suddenly, you loose yourself in this pursuit of material, your life is overtaken with anxiousness…. You become caught in the hurrying that the world is leaving you behind, you think you are so slow, you are making no progress….you never count your blessing because you don’t see the need to.
You must discover the essential things in life, what is really important in the very end. If you can only discover that, your life will automatically adjust. People are in so much hurry and it leaves me wondering, where we are all hurrying to?
To achieve feats in life is good but in all that never loose sight of what really matters. Don’t let the things around you and other people’s definition of what life really means fool you…it is important that you know what you want.
Life is not always about how much material you have…it has its prestige but there is so much more to life. To continually live this principle that you are not so much for the material is a hard feat to achieve; it is a continuous fight. This is the one thing that drives the world…inside it, you have the 3 things that the devil contro9l the world; the lust of the eyes, the lust of the flesh, the pride of life. It is an order that propels people, they do not know when to stop the chase, and they are forever chasing materials. People who have won their battle with material madness will tell you how much relieve they are experiencing. They have gotten over themselves, they live offence-free life and there is so much space in their lives to reach out to others. They are at peace with themselves, happy in their own skin as they live everyday life getting better.
After all has been said and done…..when the die is cast….what will really matter? Ask yourself this one question….am certain, it will help you make better choices!


It's been a while....i have been digging deep into my archives and i thought i share some of the things that has really motivated me.....things that used to happen inside my head...some of them still do. I hope it motivates somebody!!!!!! Happy reading:

 I woke up today knowing deep down that my confidence is all time high. The feeling that I am still a whole lot more, that I can be more, very possible is such an amazing feeling!  It is something that some may not understand unless you have reached rock bottom, needing that one breakthrough…and it comes in the least expected way….. It goes to show that money possibly cannot be everything because Money is not everything.

I am thankful to God for where I am right now and I will forever be counting my blessings. I look at how much my life has improved and the unbelievable risk I made myself take…..it has truly been worth it. I am a better person and I will not trade it for anything in the world.
My writing has opened doors for me, new doors of possibilities. Writing has always been a sweet-deep part of my life and it’s the only thing that has stayed with me…. Certificates do fade and fail sometimes, friends come and go, possessions wear out but in all weather of my life, my ability to express myself in writing has remained with me. It gives me a sense of self-believe, hope and courage to be anything I wanted, see possibilities and dream mighty dreams……it gave me the nerve to take my chances in life!
I once heard that “the desk is a dangerous place from which to observe the world”. Looking at that again, it remains true. If your life has a no adventure, you are probably living a routine life…I imagine it could be boring. If your life lacks passion and drive, you are dying a slow death. This is reality, it is some “feel good” philosophy or how it works with the economic condition of your country…. It is a universal truth. You must find something you are passionate about and push your life in that direction. There are no guarantees for a smooth ride but in the end, it is going to be worth it.
The desperation under the sun is just overwhelming. The fast craze is a huge part of every day living. Many people are chasing the wrong things and before they know, they end up half way through their lives very miserable and angry…..totally unsatisfied; wanting more and more…. Never contented…. They keeping looking in the wrong place for something that keeps eluding them, they cannot really figure out what they are looking for under the sun….. There is always that void they are trying to fill up.

When you have reached cross road in your life at some point, you question where you are headed in life. Some people take the break and step back…just to see where they had it wrong and how to move on. When you find that light in your life, you discover the essence of your existence, your priority forever changes. Everything you thought you ever knew to be true fades and your heart opens up to a whole new experience.

Everyday is a new day to live your full life…..a chance to be better…. Don’t limit yourself!