Friday, November 4, 2011

REESE WITHERSPOON'S BAG.....would any Nollywood Celeb give that up?

Nice bag and she has given it up...but if it were here would any naija celeb do that? the bag retail for $3,820 (do the maths in Naira). Things obviously work differently over there. When people have not eaten enough, i wonder how they will have time for is a different society. You know how it feels after spending that much on a bag, you then give it up....she shuold just send it over here!  or give it to someone else who isn't a celebrity.The Chloe bag is just doomed....but i love that bag...forgive me.It is time for Reese to shop for a new purse! Reputation drama!



As an employer, you have hired us, how on earth do you keep us around? There is a noticeable trend lurking in our offices and some has seen it as a negative behavioural pattern. What if you are wrong? Perhaps, you don’t accept that it is the peculiarity of this Y Generation. Every employer wants the best outcome, Goals and objectives achieved with this generation… is why you hire them. They have energy and drive the work force. We have been accused of having a sense of excess entitlement, lacking in loyalty, zero work ethics and completely especially unapologetically selfish.  Someone said we are dangerous. But wait…..what if you are wrong about that?
Any X Generation employer of a huge population of the Yers should first of all understand that the definitions of Time, success and loyalty are completely different. We know what it means but seriously, the meaning is different. If you know how we view the world, then you will have a great time working with us. We are in the now, meet us there and we will deliver every single goal but please don’t take us back, we don’t belong there and we’ll be a pain to you.
And so, you still think, oh these youths of this days lack work ethics…..believe me, we define it. It is a case of you misunderstanding where we are. It is certainly selfish because our work ethics is self-centred, that is how we deliver. What do you want? Results! Understand this and you will always have our loyalty at no cost at all. We want to know what exactly we are in that office for. Define the task and we will deliver. We want to get it all very done and over with. We value speed and our time is so precious to us. We don’t like getting stuck in the office, we want to finish and enjoy our lives. That is not too much to ask. It is something we do without sacrificing our weekends.  We work for you to earn the cash to enjoy the other part of our lives, it is not all about work, and we have other things in our lives besides work. So for the pay check we are sure we’ll get than some long term career stuff or some promises of promotions in the long run. Now you know why, we are guilty of impatience….. it is a weakness I have to say.

Putting in the hours is to get the job done, put it behind and enjoy life…..not so much get ahead. Oh yes, we can work our asses out but then make sure there is time to have fun….work is not everything. What the older generation has taught us proves nothing is certain. While our Baby Boomers and Xers are so into the long term, we don’t have that much patience. With all types of layoff, divorces lurking in the corners….we just cannot bank on anything being certain anymore. So if you are contracting us, be sure to stick to your part of the deal, Yers hate to be fooled. Believe it! Even here in Nigeria…..everyone knows that once fooled, forever jaded. Ask the multi nationals…they know the drill.

Many bosses complain about all sorts and just find it very annoying that  that the Yers don’t care if you fire them, a lot of people fire themselves before you do…they don’t give you that opportunity. Besides, with the high rate of unemployment, many youths are experiencing inner awakening, with less people waiting on the white collar jobs. If you get one, great but then if not….you must survive.  The entertainment industry knows what this generation want; they understand the hunger and the zeal…it is why they are thriving and make more millionaires everyday.  Our parents who belong to the Xers have their values especially patience but that no longer works especially now. The Yers have noticed that hard work and character are not the fastest way up….they don’t care how long or short staying up is. That is the reality, you may have your reservations but that is how it is. While the Xers believe in the slow and steady route, the Yers have little patience. The Xers will respect you by your Title but for the Yers, you have to earn it. The Yers are blunt and expressive but these all adds up to make them fast thinking, open to diversity, creativity and able to multi-task.

Managers who have been succeeding in the past with their intimidation style of leadership and just keep threatening sub-ordinates will not be experiencing much success with this
generation. Managers are struggling to attain customer service excellence with the few employees they have but they can achieve this if they can reason with this Generation X and Y demographics. It is not just having read it but practicing it. It is time employers consider their employees as the first customers. You begin with these internal customers, treat them right exactly how you will treat those external customers…because once they don’t get it right, they don’t feel important and just feel used, they will run your business down.

While we may be mislead to believe that if we have the right people, they will treat our external customers well, everything will be okay but the truth is, you may be lucky to have the right people but if you don’t treat them well (not just with money), they will not be staying long enough to deliver consistency. You know the feeling after you have spent time and resources training someone and they have known the job really well, then they just walk away, you start from the beginning again. How long are going to be starting all over and all over?

The work place has to be fun with the right tools to work, I mean cutting edge tech that supports who they are. Let them communicate what you want in the tech-savvy way. Computers, ipods, instant messaging, training on what is happening now, internet access for research and resources. Don’t send them to the archive full of papers for something that they can do in a short time, the tech-savvy way.  That is how this generation works. They are tech-savvy and their tools must rep that. They want the job done; quick with little bureaucracy and minimal paper work.

Generation Y are not so cut out for long endless meetings with no head way. Say the truth as it is and get over it. Let them have feed backs on their performance and be sure the feed back is clear.
Make work flexible and fun. Have the schedule in a good time and give them the rules, they will stick to it. Don’t impose on them what you think is right, you may soon begin experiencing rebellion and your work suffers. While you have the vision, since you have people to work with, you have to see things through their eyes. Let them know that their opinions counts and as they open up to you, you will work with it, even if not all….some of it.
Don’t preach what you are not practicing. You will be surprised how many followers you will be having. They will be doing as you say when you are looking but when you are not looking they will exactly as you do. The whole thing goes on and on.
At the end of the day, we all want results. You can only get results with wisdom. Wisdom is in knowing what to do and doing it. When you are in Rome, you live like the Romans. This is the generation Y era and the Zers are going to take over soon. You have to understand the times and get the best of the times. You will need many of them in your office to do the job because they have energy, creativity and know how to use initiatives.

Nigeria is a country of great potentials. Youths are energetic! People like the way the entertainment industry works and it is thriving here. People are eager to be D’banj than they will that Manager. The entertainment industry understands what Generation Next represents. Believe me, if we take things to our work environment, relationships…we’ll do better. Times have changed and you better believe it. Get off that your Generation X methods, open your eyes to the now.


I have been very interested with this generation X and Y demographics for as long as I can remember. I just wanted to see it from the Nigerian context, to be sure it happens here and if it happens here. Truth is, generation X and Y happens everywhere. I have been hearing that word and my curiosity heightened. The best way to learn is to understand because understanding gives you wisdom, the light to excel.
What Generation X and Y represent is very important to work ethics and success of any organisation. If we understand the dynamics, our relationships will be better. We have to accept that this Generation X and Y demographics exist here in Nigeria, not by lip service but by the way employer and employee relate. It will demystify a lot of myths and help human relationships on all levels.

There are different meanings to the generation X and Y demographics but my favourite remains this explanation I read from an article. It describes the Generation Xers as people between 1961 -1981, the Yers; born between 1982 – 2002 and of course the Baby Boomers who are our supposed parents born between 1943 – 1960.  Some describe the Yers as people between the ages of 18 – 28 and the Xers as people between 29 – 42. The Generation Y to which I belong by these demographics are the tech savvy of this generation and that is the truth. For us technology is so much fun and we spend so much time on line that we do watching TV. But for the Xers used techs to support a lifestyle need.  I find this to be very interesting and very enlightening. It helps me understand a whole lot of things and how I am not alone in my behavioural pattern; after all it is okay to belong to the Yers, it is what the society has become.
I write this with preference to human relationships and preference to work place myths. It is part of our training syllabus, we have been hearing it around here but do we actually practise it to its every letter around here? Are the Xers willing to accept the Yers just as we are or they expect the Yers to conform?
Parents will understand their teenagers better and guide them to make right choices. The world has changed and when you have curious Yers under your roof, they will satisfy that hunger even without your help. The whole is different. Our expectations, values and motivations are just different.
The Yers want balance and sacrifice is different for them. Families are structured differently and human relationships are just different.

 To be continued.........

KIM KARDASHIAN, JUSTIN BIEBER......and what about it?

I find some of these headlines way so uneccesary. So what is the big deal about Kim Kardashian and Kris Humprey having a divorce? are people really suprised? from the very first day, they married, they have been under the radar. There have been shorter celeb marriages and some have longer Courtships than marriages. Kim had a fairy tale weddding but am not sure she knew what marriage is...for better, for worst, in sickness and in health. I hear she is pregnant. She will cope....they know why they split...and we'll continue to hear all manner of stuffs. Kim still hangs texts Kris and they communicate. I also hear she was not into the guy in the first place but a celebrity stunt. whatever!

 As for Justin Bieber...people have to get realistic. He is human and can do wrong. That he must father a child with Selena Gomes is just childhood drama. So he fathered a child with Maria....waht about it? a lot of young girls are so obssesed with Justin, that they think all manner of unrealistic stuffs. people have to get over this guy. He is having a great life and moving about the rest of us? besides, we are not even sure, its his baby!