Monday, May 28, 2012


 Its another may 29th in Nigeria. I trust Nigerians...Tomorrow will be complainning day.....all the TV channels, tabliods and the likes..will have a good day people will vent thier anger mainly in words (action? No way) and talk like the world will end! Talking is huge around here, when it comes to rarely see people stand up. Guest will be invited tomorrow to continue the pass away time, reveall facts just to anger Nigerians more.... They invite the same people running this country down to air thier opinion....They will all want to speech out, just to redeem thier image and GEJ, like its only his fault. It will only annoy you more. The culprits will be in one corner enjoying themselves, they don't care, they know how predictable things are in Nigeria.
If you spend your time talking about Nigeria, you will only waste your saliva, nothing will change. It is just not worth it. I will spend my holiday well, invest in something worthwhile, not on some talk that cannot cook rice!
With this lukewarm, uninspiring is not worth all that talking stress and baseless arguements. It will not put food in your table or pay your bills. After May 29th, the whole thing continues.   Only God knows if there will be Electricity tomorrow! People will waste fuel running generators to hear the same old talk. Is it worth it?

Enjoy your day and do something positive! We want a better Nigeria.....just begin with yourself, where you are!


The famous Democracy day Church service sermon by Most Rev. Peter Akinola is just enjoyable...anytime i read it....i find it very interesting. Whether GEJ and his People  (Dame Patience, the Governor of Bayelsa, Seriake Dickson and Kaduna, Patrick Yakowa, Deputy Governor of Nasarawa state, Dameshi Luka, as well as some ministers) said Amen or not, the prayer is already answered!
You just wonder how someone of such humble beginning so easily forget  His background. Truth is, we don't want another president who walked to school barefoot..... This Sermon is just perfect for the Democracy day celebration and an inspiration at this time.

Excepts from the Prayer/Sermon:
  “There you go! Oh, corruption! So, you are not ready to fight it, because you are all beneficiaries of it. Whether you steal in a small or big way, stealing is stealing."
 “See, it is very clear. You are not interested in fighting corruption. If you do, let us take our case to the court of God, if you dare. Who is deceiving who? You are only deceiving yourselves, not God. And you who is stealing government funds, subjecting the poor to untold hardship; you who steal oil subsidy money, making Nigerians pay for fuel through their noses; you who steal funds meant for improving our power supply, deliberately making Nigerians live a life in utter darkness, will you repent today? I doubt it!"
“This hydra headed monster (of corruption) has literarily taken over the soul and eaten up the fabric of Nigeria,”.
 “Officials steal our public funds openly by the pen, while others steal by the power of the gun. Successive governments have declared half-hearted war against corruption to no avail. We know only too well that the fight against corruption is largely selective directed at those opposing the government, with no strong political connection.
 “Many of those fighting it (corruption) in police and Judiciary have no clean hands. When any National Assembly Committee or any government agency is inviting anybody for questioning it is because those being investigated have not yet given the agency inviting it their due share of the booty. 
“Worse still, those who have cleverly made away with public funds and are living above their legitimate incomes are those who are being honoured by traditional rulers, who make them chiefs and high chiefs. Recently, our universities have joined the queue by inviting those people and giving them some baseless honorary doctorate degrees.Sadly, therefore, corruption will continue in full gear, because Nigerians and the government only pay lip service to its eradication. But, I believed as a Christian, as a preacher, as one who reads the Bible, there a way out." 
“Corruption in a narrow sense is another name for stealing. Stealing is a sin God commands us all not to commit. As you know every soul that sins and fails to repent shall die in his sin and end up in hell. So, let us resolve here today to take to the court of God, beginning from this place, all those thieves, who have failed to repent. Will you join me?   
“You who steal the money for road construction, leaving our roads in a state of disrepair, causing several accidents and untimely deaths of thousands of our people, their blood is crying to the creator. You who steal the money earmarked for healthcare delivery, thereby running down and turning our hospitals into mortuaries; you who have destroyed our educational system, because the money meant for schools never got to them; you who make laws to inflate costs included in the budget, are you listening to me?  
“All of you, whoever you are, greedy, arrogant politicians and officials who are in government only for what you can steal from it and virtually nothing to contribute to national development and has turned Nigeria into a wretch, repent today, and make reparations and God will have mercy on you. Don’t say Amen, only if you repent. 
“It is true that ICPC, EFCC, the Police, judiciary may not catch you stealing. But believe me, the all-seeing, all-knowing, all-wise and the almighty God sees you very clearly. But, He is patiently waiting for you to return to the path of sanity and righteousness.”

  GEJ responded in his usual manner:
“We are working very hard to reposition our security architecture to cope with the modern challenge of terror. We will overcome,” he said. “Even though some people are predicting the disintegration of Nigeria, let me assure Nigerians that Nigeria will never disintegrate. Our forefathers worked hard to bring us together as a nation. Because of the country’s potentials and resources, no one individual or group can create problems that can disintegrate this country.”

NIGERIA.....while the rest of the world is moving forward, Nigeria is plagued by leaders who see white nad call it black without any remorse.  If GEJ let him not come out tomorrow and address Nigeria for security reasons as one report said.....its not suprising!


Do you care...if Raven Symone is gay or not? The lady has her whole life to live, its her business...... ANything can happen these just cannot predict anything.

To this,Raven tweeted: “I’m living my PERSONAL life the way I’m happiest. I’m not one, in my 25 year career to disclose who I’m dating. and I shall not start now. My sexual orientation is mine, and the person I’m dating to know. I’m not one for a public display of my life. However that is my right as a HUMAN BEING whether straight or gay. To tell or not to tell. As long as I’m not harming anyone. I am a light being made from love. And my career is the only thing I would like to put on display, not my personal life. Kisses!”

She is no longer that little girl on the famous Cosby SHOW anymore..she is all grown up!  It shuold not be news at all. Whether it's true she  is a lesbian and is involved with Ashley Azmarie Livingston from “America’s Next Top Model" or is not any news to me.