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A Federal High Court siting in Abuja on Friday threw out an application brought by embattled Senator Aliyu Ndume seeking to quash the charge slammed on him by the State Security Service, SSS accusing him of having links with the dreaded Boko Haram Islamic fundamental sect.

 ALi Ndume had challenged his trial on the ground that there was no sufficient prima facie evidence in the proof of evidence linking him to the alleged offences and insisted that the charge is devoid of all the essential ingredients to suggest the commission of any offence.
He also claimed that he never had any relationship with the sect or any of it’s members before his appointment as a member of the Presidential Task force on public disturbances in the North East and posited that for any relationship with the sect to be considered illegal, that it must first be proscribed before a relationship with any member of the sect can be said to become an offence.
Ndume also told the court that his membership in the Federal Government panel provided him a platform, in the course of carrying out the duties of the panel, to have met with some members of the sect.
It is recalled that former spokesman of the sect, Kunduga, who had been sentenced to a 3 year jail term, implicated the senator by disclosing that the senator was providing the sect with both logistics and financial supports in their terrorist activities.
The embattled senator also claimed that his right to a fair hearing had been breached by the charge which was signed by Attorney General of the Federation and Minister of Justice, Mohammed Bello Adoke who is also a witness in the matter.
However, in a ruling delivered by Justice Gabriel Kolawole, the court declined to quash the charges brought against the senator.

According to the Judge, “That an accused person has a probable defence to a legal charge is not a ground or basis to quash the charge. Pleading not guilty to a charge as the accused had done in the instant case is closely related to the constitutional presumption of innocent pending trial”.
The court also held that so far as an allegation of having links with the sect had been brought against the senator, that how the link came about is also not a sufficient ground to demand that the charge be quashed.
Furthermore, Justice Kolawole noted that the appearance of the name of the Attorney General and Minister of Justice in two counts of the charge does not in any way infringe on the senator’s right to fair hearing as the AGF is not by any law required to be neutral as a court in a criminal matter.
“Signing of a charge is not in conflict with his constitutional duties as the AGF and Minister of Justice and can never be a ground that can warrant the quashing of a charge”.

The court ordered the senator to face his trial and adjourned to July 3rd and 10th.
The court however berated the SSS for preventing the senator from traveling out of the country last month after the court had made an order granting him leave to travel out for religious purposes.
The embattled senator was turned back at the Abuja airport by operatives of the SSS despite the fact that he had a copy of the court’s order on him and showed same to the operatives.
The court insisted that no country can make any headway under such circumstance where an order of a competent court, legally granted, is disregarded with impunity.


KOLA BOOF'S STATEMENT: What do you know??

Now, hear her side of the story....very revealing! WHat do you know???  The truth is, this shuold not have come's messy! Miss Faboulosity is obviously going to have another failed relationship... You have a reputation? Keep it and guard it well!
Kola Boof
Djimon and Kimora

For four years (starting 3 weeks after Kimora Lee Simmons 'faux' West African wedding to actor Djimon Hounsou in the country of Benin)....I took part in an adulterous affair with Ms. Simmons' man.  I can honestly say that I slept with her husband more than she did the last four years.

It should also be noted that I had a sexual relationship with Mr. Hounsou many, many years prior to the 'marriage', before he even knew Ms. Simmons.

Djimon and Kimora of course have never been legally married. His only legal wife is a much older woman named Marie in France.  Marie basically bankrolled him during his youthful model days. Djimon also has an African wife given to him by his tribe in Benin (and a set of children by her).    

Today is June 14th, 2012. But a few months affair with Djimon caused so much strife within their coupling that Djimon Hounsou walked out on Ms. Simmons. (To be fair, financial issues also played a significant role, though I am not privy to information on that.  I just know that Kimora deeply wounded Djimon one day by calling him a 'broke nigga'--he told me and my adoptive Black American mother, Claudine Johnson, about it in late January).

I'm not sure what day exactly Djimon walked out for the final time (he had actually stayed gone from home a few times before the walk out)....but I do know that I was overjoyed...and not in the way you are expecting.

First of all....after Djimon left Kimora....I made it clear that I would never sleep with him again. Just as you saw published in my interview with the NY DAILY NEWS...I informed him that the only reason I had sex with him was to get revenge on Kimora.  With their breakup, I didn't (and don't) want it anymore.

And let me make this perfectly clear---I would never sleep with any other woman's husband just for recreation. Only Kimora's. I myself was married for 10 years to an absolutely wonderful man, a Black Man who treated me (and still treats me and our sons) like royalty.  So I identify with the wife's role just as strongly as Kimora knows the golddigging homewrecker role--don't forget she's wrecked many homes in her day.

This affair with Djimon was about revenge for me, Kola.  I liked picturing her face (she looks like that winking snail at Benihana Restaurant) just as Djimon made me climax.  It filled me with such cheer and joy to know that every time she kissed her husband--she would be kissing my privates.  And for four years that's exactly what Kimora kissed, my privates. But then again, being that Kimora is strongly bisexual...I'm sure that tid-bit isn't phasing her. 

Why did I want revenge on Kimora? That is coming up in this statement later. But for now, just be aware that I have NO REMORSE...none whatsoever...and that it was my intention to see Kimora's marriage fail.

The American media giving me this opportunity to publicly humiliate her is just icing on the cake.  I didn't expect this at all.

Be aware that despite Russell's denials (Russell Simmons, her mega-rich slimy turtle without a shell MOGUL ex-husband whose name she still uses instead of Djimon's)...and despite Kimora's and Djimon's denials that they have broken up...let me tell you....they HAVE!!

They are split; kaput; done. It doesn't matter how many Photo Ops they stage or how many walks to Chuck E. Cheese they take with their children so everyone can photograph them smiling, their marriage is over.

I'm sure people see me as shockingly evil...scary, jealous, disturbing...'what a bitch' people say. But in true Kola fashion, I don't give a shit.

I didn't want to give an official statement. I wanted to fade out of this unpleasant story--but after Djimon gave a statement calling me a liar, I felt
forced to leave my own version of events.

Please do not send me any emails or letters about "Karma" or "the lord."

As someone who watched her parents murdered in front of her at the age of 6 and faced down brain cancer with a wide spate of other tragedies bogging her entire life (I'm 42)--I am not one for superstition and emotionalism steeped in moralizing.

I have lived and survived a life that is literally unbelievable and irrevocably traumatizing.  I am a damaged person.

But I am also the most open and honest human being that I know.

When you call someone a liar, they have the right to tell their side of the story. To leave a record of their position, despite your prejudice and animosity against them.  Though the newspapers have written quite a bit about me "breaking up Kimora's Un-marriage"....I have not given a formal statement detailing the facts as I see them until now.

I am not doing this to keep shit going...I am doing this because Djimon Hounsou's scared *I have to protect my image* self gave a statement calling me a liar (though he never mentioned me by name, that is what he did).

Because Djimon gave a statement, I now have to give a detailed rebuttal.  If he had not talked about me, I would not be still talking about him and Kimora.

My hope is that after this Formal Statement, I will be done feuding with Djimon, Kimora and Russell Simmons and they will not mention my name or cause me to get back in the speeding lane with them. Regardless of how much power they think they have....I, the unknown entity, am more powerful than all of them.

There is a name for women like Kimora Lee Simmons---not ---that I'd use it outside of a kennel.

Which means I'm going to refrain from calling my dear sister the "B" word today. In honor of Kimora's brand of fake sisterhood and hyperbole Fabulosity...I'm going to try and be less vicious than I've typically been on Twitter.

FACT #1 

I did not contact the media to tell my involvement with Djimon---they contacted me. The NY Daily News, National Enquirer, People magazine and several others came looking for me.  The reason they came looking for me was because *Witnesses* at several Los Angeles area hotels, limousine services and other establishments responded to a story in the NY DAILY NEWS about Djimon walking out on Kimora over 'financial problems.'

Those witnesses told the media: "No you're wrong--he's got a girlfriend on the side."

(**Keep in mind that I also had other boyfriends around the country (the world actually), not just Djimon).

At that point, the NY DAILY NEWS began trying to track me down.  I did not contact them or in any way entice anyone into knowing my personal business with Djimon.

Once they did contact me, I still ignored them for a few days....until Princess Kimora pissed me off by having her "Spokeswoman" put my name in some kind of Press Release saying "We don't know her!" to the various news organizations.

It went on the local radio and I was so peeved that I decided to tell my side of the story.

Every newspaper involved can tell you that I did not originally want to speak on this story and that I originally ignored them until Kimora's Spokeswoman put my name in it.

When I finally did tell my story to the newspapers---they did not take my word for it.   The media doesn't work like that. They have to fact check in some manner in order to report something.

They interviewed other people about Djimon and myself....employees at hotels, limousine services and other establishments who TOLD THEM that they had seen me and Djimon together (with my skirt hiked up and me giggling) *sporadically* for the last 4 years.

I refuse to provide what few TEXT MESSAGES and voice mails that I have.

But the only reason my story was published in NY DAILY NEWS and other major newspapers is because they had significant witness information indicating beyond 'legal doubt' that I was telling the truth. So they published it.

I didn't want to hurt Djimon and I still don't. But by the same token--nobody's
going to hurt Kola either. 


After the "Kola Boof sex affair" angle was inserted into to previously published reports of Djimon and Kimora's breakup and the internet blew up with vitriolic hatred for me, "The Jump-off Home Wrecker"....and after Djimon denounced me as a liar;  I announced that I would be posting my own official statement.

I was served an unexpected shock...everyone wanted to stop me from delivering today's Official Statement...even to the point of offering money!

The Vice President of Djimon's birth country (Benin) contacted me...and Russell Simmons, Kimora's powerful ex-husband began harassing and smearing
my name.

I am including here now a small portion of what Mathurin Nago, the Vice President of Benin ordered me to do.

Vice President of Benin's message: 

Mathurin Nago:

"...Daughter, you and Djimon are both Africans. It's not right
for you to destroy your brother's legacy of hard works.  We do not have another world class movie star but Djimon Hounsou. He is the symbolic lion of the continent on screens across the world. You are a young lady and your place should be in support of your brothers. But you have attacked Wale, the
gifted musician for not showcasing African women in his videos and you now
disgrace yourself and Djimon with disclosures of bedroom vice. You must take such things to the grave Daughter and not make public disgrace of yourself and Africa. Your place is at your brother's feet, but you have been ill-raised by the Americans. It is their fault. I say with love that you are wrong to go forward with a public statement Thursday. If you have any respect for me like you say you do, I forbid you to tear down your brother and his hard works. Take these incidents of vice to the grave

As a Nilotic African woman, I cannot deny that I was very affected by Mr. Nago's
words. In fact, it still affects me. But I feel very strongly that I have a right
to give my press statement...and that my reputation and word is just as important as that of my brothers.

Take a deep breathe....

I was Djimon Hounsou's "hooni-hoosi-hole" for 4 years. His nickname for me
was "Tight Stuff." That is what he affectionately called me.

I liked our sexual encounters just as much as he did.  My thing was finding
places to fuck outdoors (naked in just heels; I have my own ranch & lake with woods)...*this always terrified Djimon but he did it anyway....and Djimon's thing was getting intense blow jobs; rough face-banging to the bottom of my throat to be exact.

Djimon told me that Kimora was not sexually pleasing for him.  He said she had been a real livewire before they got 'ritually married', but once they settled into
life at home, she became boring and lazy about pleasing him.

Not to be cruel...but in the marriage...Djimon was really just an unemployed actor whose best career move had been becoming a glorified assistant and Nanny to Kimora and Russell. 

He was not really the African King, but the ego-busted PROP for Kimora's
P.R. about her perfect life and family.  So yes, Kimora was very lazy
about taking care of Djimon's very ferocious sexual appetite. 

The one thing that Kimora DID DO that I was unable to do sexually---is provide
threesomes with other women.  She often treated him to one of her lesbian
"babes" and Djimon really liked that a lot and tried to pressure me to do it
but I refused. I told him that I would do it with two guys in the bed--but not two girls.  I have to be the only woman in a sex act.

Still, I was Djimon's "look forward to" piece.

Djimon told me that Kimora's vagina was like "bubblegum" and that his penis
kept falling out during intercourse.  He also complained of hygiene issues as
she is widely known to go without showering for days and lounge around in Sweat suits funky and oyster-smelling without a care.

I am vaginally infibulated an African ritual that has great meaning to African
men and to all men who like tight tiny pussy.

To be clear "vaginal infibulation" (which has been the horrific nightmare of my
entire life) is not Circumcision or Clitoris removal. *I have my clitoris. But 
at birth, they undo the vagina's inner muscles and reconfigure them to be
unnaturally tight---they then sew the vagina shut until your wedding day.

On that wedding day, they give the bride a set of rings...and the groom a
small razor to cut you open with.  You then spend about a month being de-virginized by the groom.

In my case, because my parents were murdered and UNICEF placed me in a
home with a Black American family--I lost my virginity to a Black American
"Boule Octoroon" from Howard University, my English tutor at age 17.

It took a month for Truce to fully penetrate me and have "stroking" intercourse with me.

Djimon and I were supposed to "cheat" just once...but I used my expertise
at sex to manipulate and control him.

We are both Sexual Athletes, but  Djimon is very innocent.  He's like that immigrant kid you show how to use the water fountain.  Just so naive and easy to manipulate. And to get back at Kimora, that is what I was doing.  In no time, Djimon told me that he was once again addicted to my pussy, my 44 double D all natural breasts and my ability to endure "face-banging" (we'd had a relationship years before).  He also loves tall women and I am taller than Kimora.  

Our affair began. 

We saw ourselves as 'buddies.' Nothing romantic; but very much like basketball buddies or something.  There is a definite affection.

Hmmmmm................. This is just way too revealing, like whatelse do we have to know again?


What was she thinking? If you are not happy in your own skin, nothing will do!
recent look


AFter all the drama and fight over Rihanna (true or not), i think Chris Brown shuold get over Rihanna..... something that lnks him to that lady always comes up and gets really messy. You don't let your emotions mess you up!

Where it all went down
Chris Brown looks like someone still not over Rihanna and the truth is, a lot of people are taking advantage of that!  I like Chris Brown and i am hoping he moves on quickly.    The whole drama puts an innocent  Australian Tourist in the middle, she was injured.
Hollie C (24) needed 16 stitches in her head and face after being hit by a flying bottle during the alleged bar brawl between Chris Brown and Drake has spoken out about the ordeal.
Australian tourist Hollie C. was caught in the middle of the fracas at the Manhattan club early on Thursday morning, when the hip hop rivals allegedly butted heads over former flame Rihanna.
she returned home from a night in hospital to find out 'the reason I have 16 stitches in my head is because of some stupid famous people having a fight over a girl'.
Rihanna can do whatever she likes with her life.....that includes who she is doing whatever with..... and honestly, there are better things Chris Brown shuold worry about! Not getting messed up over stuffs like this.

Drake is a smart guy and this time, he played it so cool and maturedly...while Chris was already tweeting and dleting stuffs, he kept his cool.

After Fight
before Party
Chris Brown has to manage his emotions and hang out in other places, enjoy his groove and go back home to business.  Truth remains that TALENT ALONE IS NOT ENOUGH, CHARACTER is key!
You have so much potential and you have the opportunity, don't waste it!


I saw this coming....we are so predictable in Nigeria.
News spreading fast says The House of Representatives has removed Farouk Lawan, representing the Peoples Democracy Party (PDP), Kano, as the Chairman of the House Ad-hoc Committee on fuel subsidy over the alleged $620,000 bribe.
According to the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN), the Secretary of the Ad-hoc Committee, Boniface Emenalo, was also removed.
The scandal has continued to gain momentum. WE all have heard how Femi Otedola, Chairman of Zenon Petroleum and Gas Ltd. alleged that Lawan and Emenalo collected $620,000 as bribe from him....

The story goes further.....
The Acting Inspector General of Police, Mohammed Abubakar, and three other Police Commissioners including the head of the IG’s Special Task Force, CP Ali Ahmaduon, on Thursday interrogated lawmaker Farouk Lawan over his role in the $620,000 bribe allegedly collected from Femi Otedola.
Lawan arrived at the Force Headquarters, Abuja at about 4p.m. and was immediately ushered into the IG’s office.
The task force team leader continued with the interrogation for an hour, after which he went to the seventh floor of the Louis Edet House to brief the IG and get further directives.
The police had threatened to declare Lawan wanted after he failed to honour an invitation to appear before it on Monday.
Otedola appeared on Tuesday and provided a videotape of Lawan allegedly collecting the money as well as other documents.

Aren't there worse corruption scandals???? The subsidy report is already suffering...this is not about  Farouk and's all distraction. It is a lesson that everybody has a price, just refuse to be bought! A lot of people cannot resist the temptation cash brings! If you are going to be a light in the that light, be wise enough to know when you are walking on enemy territory...


After all the tweets, claims and counter claims, it can only get worse. did things get really messy between these women???? T hey are totally on different leagues and they should each stay in thier respective territory! Some things don't just mix.
The thing about marriages and i am sure Kimora knows is that if you give in to divorce the first time, chances are, you'll do it the second time because the same reason you walked off the first marriage will be linked to the second reason you'll want to walk away the second, third, fourth time.... am not sure a lot of people believed that Djimon and Kimora would know! after Seal and Heidi Klum seperated, you just know, these things don't work that way. Djimon is a full fleged african man and Miss Fabulosity (Kimora) just will not be able to keep the man....