Thursday, November 3, 2011


Believe it exactly as you see it. Knowledge is sweet, it is power and its important to human progress cannot be over emphasized.  People are lost, they are seeking for something and some do not even know what it is they seek but they know they are chasing something. People suffer in life because they simple don’t know what to do it. They become overwhelmed, confused, and bitter…. They just stay stuck in their predicament. Believe me; having the right information can change your whole life, it can save you. Ask me how I know? It saved me.
Taking a break from what my life used to be has plenty benefits. I put my supposed “precious” dream on hold, stepped out of my usual self and opened my mind to seek. I just knew that there was more to life and I wanted more….something with more purpose beyond material possessions….it was soul searching! I admit, there are times I got lost, failed, confused and I had my doubts if I was doing the right thing; perhaps I was in such a rush or maybe I was loosing my mind but it was all in my head as I later discovered.
I did not understand what success meant because my meaning was tied to what the rest of the world defined it to be and so i imposed  role models on myself, I wanted to be so perfect, do no wrong…does it make sense? I just got worked up over nothing and exhausted. I was wrong; success was a personal experience, it is what you define it to be and it has to suit your purpose in life. You should not define success through another man’s eyes. It is your life and you are responsible. Don’t let people tell you what your course in life should be, you define it, run it! Simply because i was lost and did not at that time know what success meant, I tied my whole life to some role models, people who were just as lost as I was, how can a blind man lead a blind man? Role models dealing with rehabs, getting through divorce after divorce, they look happy but then they have no life.
What you know can save your life and it gives you power. Self esteem, anger, bitterness, anxiety and all things tied to can be linked to what people don’t know. When I say knowledge, knowing… comes with doing. That you have read it and have heard it is nothing if you are not acting on it. Until that your supposed knowing is backed by action there is no wisdom there.
I went on a journey of self discovery, hunger and adventure; I became a child again and it saved my life. The world becomes faster everyday, things thrive on chaos and people continually join the band wagon; it is all because we don’t know what is really important and while we think we know what we really want, we get our lives moulded up in the rat race. They point remains that we lack wisdom and wisdom is accepting that you don’t know that is how you learn. Our minds are closed to change, breaking outside the norm is so hard, we are so sure we are doing the right thing, especially as it looks like success and that is where the greater part of the world is heading…….people are lost, blinded by their supposed self-assurance, living a life of denial. The point is, it does not change anything; many discover later in their lives that they have been living another man’s life, running opposite direction and abandoned their own course in life. The truth is we simply do not know. Seeking has helped me to know and applying it has saved me. My life has changed and I now know what I want. My life is much simpler and I have learnt patience. Patience helped me understand that after you have done your best, you must leave the rest for God; the point is in the end you will be fine, you will get there in a good time. Cutting corners and compromising may be appealing and sweet but then it is a slow ay to destroy myself. My life is simpler; I am happier and feeling lighter.
Be the type of man who is eager to learn, hungry to know. Close your mind to what you knew and open your self to new things. While you are so sure you know already, you will be shocked at the simple things you don’t know. Believe me, knowledge is sweet!