Thursday, March 15, 2012


This is serious rumour. That J.Lo just ordered a new dress from Roberto Cavalli. The truth is that Cavalli's twitter was hacked.
The actress and American Idol Judge has responded by saying;
"I decided there needs to be a place (The J. Low), where you can get the truth," she continued. "Using this site as my way to connect, I'll share the reality of my life right here, and make sure you never have to wonder about what is or isn't real. What I tell you is the truth, everything else is just talk. Thanks for supporting and always believing in me."

Just to be safe, the next time a wild rumour like this trails....we know how to get the truth. At least, no wedding Number 4, yet. Relax..people.


I remember when it all began....who would have thought that this Boko Haram issue will get this far and huge? What started quietly and so simple has metamorphosized into a major concern. Security is a major concern and president Goodluck Jonathan is having so much to deal with.
To rule a country like Nigeria, you must be resolute and not sit on the fence. Everyday,all manner of headlines that further complicates everything.
I don't think the president doesn't know what to do....he only has to make up his mind to do it. It has gone way over the top and this is not time for talk, all manner committees, it is time for action. It is no longer about Tribe, religion or has gone beyond that.


South African, A-list actress is now officially a mama. In a statement, her publicist said on wednesday "she is a proud mom of a healthy baby boy named Jackson". No further details yet.... but this i hope will be a whole new experience for Charlize.


I saw this photo and am wondering the lenghts people go to stay fashionable. Amazing! Hollywood stars just know how to work heels....but am this healthy? even if it looks fashionable....Victoria Beckham does it; that is so much stress on your calf!


 This lady sure knows how to keep herself in the headlines...she likes the attention and i just think its over the top sometimes....what exactly what she aiming at? so she couldn't sleep? what about it? Itbjust makes you wonder what some stars do with thier celebrity power....she will soon fade and she should stop over rating her sexiness...there are better issues to focus on....she makes it look like that is all she is all about...sexiness! Of what benefit is that to anybody? How exactly does Kim K's naked body help the world? There are many ways to still be superstar and be covered!


They are terrified of loosing their jobs and they fear what will become of them when these things are taken away. But we really should think that sometimes. Ask yourself, if you will still be somebody when these things are no longer there. Are these the things that really define who you are? Will you still be happy, be positive with self esteem when you do not have them? When all your friends are gone, when your cash flow is down.....are you all about what you have? what you you wear? is your life value driven or material driven?
We are humans and certainly not rats. Reject this type of life. A life that keeps you in the average. A life that does not let you think outside the box. All these societal pressures to be it all and have it all make sure you stay in the rat race. The pressure is huge to achieve, even children face the same pressure at a very young age. You have to reject these pressures and reason things properly. You begin to limit yourself and slowly you run the race and become a full member of the rat race club. You should ask yourself, is it really worth it? The price is so high and soon you loose your mind, sense of dignity and you miss out on what is really important.
You just miss out on what God has for you. God gave you gifts to excel but here you are chasing unhealthy competition, being in a place you are not supposed to be, doing what someone else should be doing.

That only complicates your life. You know it and you just refuse to face it. Like I said earlier, when you feel like a cubicle dweller confined to the walls of your office, your lifestyle, you become consumed with climbing the success ladder, like that is all that matters, the type of success the bandwagon has defined for you. It is reflected in politics that breeds pointless competition in any institution.
In the rat race, people are never contented with what they already have, they want more and more. They think it is boring and it does not fit what success really means but the fact is as long as it provides you time to think, peace of mind and contentment, you are better off. Getting in the rat race is like getting on a full bus packed up with people like you that are like cattle on the way to the market. You should ask yourself, what is this all about? Doing all this for how long?  Are you not tired of waking up odd hours into a life you don’t enjoy and sleeping late, exhausted and frustrated all in the name of having a life?

 In the words of Wendy Wasserstein; don’t live down to expectation, go out there and do something remarkable. Nobody wants to be a rat but we have to decide to stop running like them.  Define what success means and it will help you cope.
In the end it is up to you. You can decide to get on something better and be an expert doing what you love or just get stuck there, miserable, feeling sorry for yourself.