Saturday, April 21, 2012


The El-clasico ends in favour of Real Madrid.... Christiano Ronaldo played a great game and that his goal made a whole lot of difference. Real Madrid is 7 points clear but there is still work to be done. They worked for it.... They deserved it. Barca will have to retrace thier steps and get quickly on thier feet...they remain a team to beat. But Tonight...its all about Mourinho and his men.


It is hot topic on line that Rihanna is with a woman this time...i was curious to see it in photos. Now that i've seen it and am sharing it on my blog. If Rihanna decides to go on with a woman...its her choice. She is obviously loving it. The good girl has seriously gone wild and bad.Her lyrics and videos  do not seem to get any milder..she doesn't seem to care at all. She is moving on with her life even though i am tempted to believe she is still not over Chris Brown. All these celebrities...know how to keep themselves in the headlines.....let's wait and see...if this is not a stunt to stay alive in the media.

Melissa Forde is the lady's name. She and Forde are longtime BFFS and Forde has accompanied the singer all over the world as her personal assistant on her tours and family vacations.  The two have been rumoured lesbian  for years. The ladies also have matching tattoos, which read "never a failure, always a lesson," which they got after Brown infamously beat Rihanna in 2009.

CHELSEA: Long Journey to the top four.

How can the same Chelsea team that won almighty  Barcelona cannot win Arsenal? Arsenal is on the advantage and Chelsea will have to fight really hard if they want to play Champions league next season...... I didn't enjoy the match...Solomon Kalaou and his funny way of missing chances.... The Game didn't meet my expectations..expected more from Chelsea considering how well they played against Barca!


Anything is possible under the sun....but until i see this materialise, i am not believing this rumour! Word on the street is Oprah proposed to her boyfriend of 25 years and will tie the knot before the end of the year.

According to reports Oprah is planning to stage an elaborate televised wedding to her longtime love Steadman Graham – and she’s offered him a staggering $100 million “pre-nup” to go along with the scheme.
“You’re the only one who can save the day,” she pleaded with Stedman through tears recently, The Enquirer has learned..all in a bid to save her network OWN.
 it is no longer news that the shows she’s created are just not attracting interest...and she is in a desperate bid to save the of desperation.....i am not sure OPRAH WINFREY can get that desperate.


What is Nigeria doing with N656.3bn that it will not be enough?
According to Sanusi, The N656.3bn allocation made for fuel subsidy in the 2012 budget will run out before the end of the year.
In addition to the N656.3bn allocation for this year, the Federal Government had also provided N231.8bn in the budget for the payment of the 2011 subsidy arrears, adding up to N888.1bn.
“With oil prices where they’ve been since the beginning of the year, I’m sure that we will be exposed to that amount long before the year runs out,” Sanusi told the Reuters Africa Investment Summit in Abuja on Thursday.
“If I was asked for advice, I’d simply say pay what you have in the budget and simply stop paying. If not, take the money from the Excess Crude Account or you’ve got to borrow money,” he added.

At the end of the day, we will not see any improvement in our infrastructure......our educational system continually suffering from decay and politicians raiding that account...i don't know why and how a whole CBN Governor will be saying that. The Governemnt continually spends on white elephant projects, committees on wild goose chase.....i don't know what we are doing with all that money that you cannot find a good road strching kilometres. 

President Goodluck Jonathan  with all his election promises is stuck at cross roads. He pledged to improve the country’s woeful electricity system by privatising the power sector and to reform the oil sector to deal with corruption and save Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation..... That is left to be seen
ThePetroleum Industry Bill (PIB) with the lofty ambition of changing everything from taxes to restructing of the NNPC, has remained stuck in the parliament  for years. All the proposed Reforms are seriously behind promised time to deliever and  many politicians are stumbling blocks to its progress.

Sanusi said, “(The output) assumption was too optimistic … based on the most rosy forecasts of operating environment.
“When you’ve got militancy, you’ve got production shortages, you’ve got natural operational failures, a more conservative output figure to begin with would have been better.”
“Clearly, we should have made much more progress than we’ve made. The PIB is a major disappointment … after several years (it) is about to start again its tortuous path through the National Assembly. In many of these areas, you’ve clearly got vested interests,”

Those in helm of affairs in Nigeria shuold seriously save thier big grammer. These things are paper limited. It does not go beyond that. it does not put food on my table and make my life better in anyway. It does not repair the road or improve our electricity. We want progress as Nigerians...Sanusi and his likes should not come out and play "Righteous" like they are not part of the Government......They are all the same people in  one!

Now that Sanusi is suggesting that N97/litre is not enough....and they cannot check their spending up the ladder, they shuold not think of taxing the masses. Those at the top are not ready to cut on thier lifestyles on the lap of luxury.....they should not look for schemes to devour this country. The corruption is just alarming, it is getting more complicated. 

 The High oil prices have enabled the economy to grow at more than seven per cent a year but poverty is rising......the question is, where are we heading to as a nation?  I hope Goodluck Jonathan will re-think his rumoured trip to Stephanie Okereke's wedding in France and face pressing issues. 

SOUTH AFRICA: RAPE a young man’s sport?

I have heard plenty news this past week but none shocks and disguts me like the South Africa Rape story. 
South Africa is a beautiful country and after i visted Capetown, i fell in love with that Rainbow nation all over again. It is hard to believe that something this shameful happens  and the sad part is the perculiaties that surrounds the South African rape stories.
You just wonder what young men are thinking these days...... Some of  the belief systems passed on within our communities are just not helping us, it further destroys what is left of this generation. How can any one even think rape as a young man's sport? Do men have to subdue women to feel powerful?
With over 56,000 cases reported to police last year alone, it leaves you baffled, what is happening. But a 2009 study by the government’s Medical Research Council revealed that only one in 25 rapes was reported to the police. The same survey found more than one-quarter of South African men admitted to raping a woman or girl. There are as much as about 450,000 rape cases which goes unreported each year.  A website reads that “It is estimated that a woman born in South Africa has a greater chance of being raped than learning how to read,” . The website dedicated to rape victims further states that “[In] a survey conducted among 1,500 schoolchildren in the Soweto township, a quarter of all the boys interviewed said that ‘jackrolling’, a term for gang rape, was fun.”

On Tuesday, Police arrested seven youths, aged 14 to 20, after they were identified in the video. A 37-year-old man may also face charges after police found the girl in his house.
The girl, who went missing since March 21 had a horrible experience in the hands of these boys but police said her mother had not reported her missing, apparently because she often wandered off for days at a time (Regardless, it would have made a lot of difference, i think). The mother should also face cahrges of Child neglect, its just sad. 
The girl lived in Bramfischerville, a neighbourhood where reports say that raw sewage flows through the streets and it is known as one of the toughest parts of Johannesburg’s Soweto township.
This rape video has shocked us all and i feel nothing but pity for that girl. She has been traumatised and God help her to recover. 

Reports say that  the Johannesburg High Court heard 62 rape cases on monday, including a father-son pair charged with attacking 21 women together (What wickedness?)
Last month in Bloemfontein, a male nurse was in court for raping a terminally ill cancer patient, who was held down by a female nurse during the attack.
In January, a man was charged with forcing three garden workers to rape his estranged wife and then mutilate her with household tools, killing her son while she listened to him plead for his life.

Not just South Africa but shame unto any man that believes that a woman has to be subdued to prove he is masculine. With the way the rest of the world is moving forward, people have to rise above all these dangerous mindset and do something with thier lives. Don't allow the Devil to use you do his dirty work. Determine to make your life count. We are economically challenged in Africa with all manner of things going on, we shuold want better, not to be part of the problem.  Parents have to seriously consider what thier children are doing with thier minds, the type of friends they keep...... This shuold not be happeneing. It is dirty and shameful! Complete wickedness...