Saturday, October 13, 2012


Tyra Banks is a big celebrity and a role model for many young women. We have heard enough clebrities tell us how they were bullied and we will still hear more....thier stories help us to realise that they are just like us, a way to rise above challenges and excuses..... bullying is such a big deal and anyone with a positive message will have people listening.
do we really want to know more? does it suprise anybody when they hear these days that celeb A or B was bullied? I love Tyra, her story is pure success; i am wondering if many people want to know about her past again, we have heard it times over and i bet, it is going to be hardwork to make it interesting especially in a series. For someone who has worked miracle with America's Next Top Model and Tyra Show, i hope this works for her. I would prefer reading her book than a series...There is too many series these days, you need to work it differently for high ratings especially when it is a comedy!
Incase you are asking,What is Five head anyway? the term "fivehead" refers to people with a relatively large forehead.

In her words on
 “In high school, if you have glasses, you’re a ‘four eyes’, if you have braces, you’re a ‘metal mouth’ but if you had my forehead? You’re a 'fivehead,'” 

 The 38-year-old model has reportedly enlisted the help of television writer and childhood friend Kenya Barris to co-create, executive produce and write the show (they'll both be creating the characters and storyline together though). He also co-created "America's Next Top Model"
 “To be able to witness her career was wild, but to be able to watch Tyra grow up was nothing short of nutty,” Kenya said. “I am blown away by the opportunity to tell not just a great story but a story that I remember so fondly.”

All the best TYRA....

COCAINE PENDANTS..... Another First!!!

We have seen all manner of smuggling cocaine across borders; inside roasted chicken, babies diapers, old people, celebrities, cabin crew...there is no, the pendant way! what won't people do for money???? This piece from P.M News reveals the story.

Oluigboka Chukwuemeka Emmanuel thought he had cleverly concealed about 2.4 kilogrammes of cocaine in pendants and female belts.
But his luck ran out when he was intercepted by Nigeria’s National Drug Law Enforcement officials.

Oluigboka with the cocaine stuffed bag
The 33-year old suspect had just disembarked from a flight from Brazil when he was arrested at the Murtala Muhammed international airport in Lagos, southwest Nigeria.“During search, powdery substances that tested positive for cocaine were found in his bag. It took several hours to extract the cocaine from the pendants because of the complex method of concealment,” said Mitchell Ofoyeju, NDLEA Head of Public Affairs.

Cocaine, cocaine
The agency’s airport commander, Mr. Hamza Umar, disclosed that the drug was factory packed inside assorted pendants. He described the mode of concealment as unusual.“This mode of concealment is strange and it is the first time of discovering drugs inside jewellery,” he said.
Umar explained that the drugs were industrially packed in ear rings, buttons, necklaces, bangles as well as in female belts.
“We had to forcefully open them to recover the drugs. The entire quantity of cocaine found in the jewellery products weighed 2.472kg. One arrest has been made in connection with the seizure,” Umar said.
NDLEA said preliminary investigation revealed that the suspect, who had lived in Brazil for over five years, is believed to be working for a suspected Brazilian-based drug syndicate.
The suspect was quoted as saying, “I needed money for the burial anniversary of my late father. As the breadwinner, everybody is looking up to me for the sponsorship of the anniversary. I have lived in Brazil for over five years but I have no money to undertake this important family responsibility. My interest was the 2,000 euros they promised to pay me”.
Oluigboka is married and has a child. He hails from Imo State. The arrest took place last week.
Chairman and Chief Executive of the NDLEA, Ahmadu Giade, was quoted as saying: “Although drug barons are becoming more desperate, the agency is determined to frustrate their efforts. This seizure is yet an indication that drug traffickers can go to any length in hiding their drugs from law enforcement agents”
The NDLEA boss also called for more public support in the anti-narcotic campaign.
“The suspect will soon be charged to court,” NDLEA said.

RIHANNA NEW ALBUM COVER! What is she telling us?

This could be the height of Avant Garde or something else. There is excitement about the album already....whatever the cover is telling us  hopefully will be understood when we hear all the songs in the album!
She is obviously taking this to another level but i seriously like her concept even though i am still inlove with the innocence and simplicity of her album, MUSIC OF THE SUN.


Just Wondering if the supposed Giant of AFrica is leading well by examples....the numbers are speaking!  This is just a pinch of the whole picture...

- Population of about 167million and more than 120 million Nigerians presently poor.
- Spends 78% of its annual budget on recurrent expenditure, that leaves above 20% on CAPEX (Development).
- Largest Government size.... FG has 42 member cabinet
                                             Legislature; 109 senators, 360 House of reps, each rep has at least four
                                            assistants , all paid by the State.
Which State? the same States suffering from serious under development and stricken with massive poverty.
Senators earn nothing less N40 million and the Reps N19 million at least annually!  The reps alone totalling to over N36 million and the Senators over N 19.62bn. It is little wonder, Politics is so lucrative in Nigeria.
In this country??? don't you just wonder how they manage to close thier eyes?
Let us not forget other allowances....


There is nothing worse than being stuck in the wrong job (relationship, lifestyle included) and worse still a job that makes you miserable. It is not healthy in anyway. Agreed, it pays your bills but it does not still guarantee you having a life; it gives you reputation but you will never experience happiness, no matter how much are paid. You had better believe it that money isn’t everything…. There are certain things that all the money in the world cannot afford, it takes your will to make the right choices…stuffs like that are not sold in markets all over the world. If in doubt ask Oprah Winfrey, Jay Z, David Beckham or Donald Trump. You just must decide what you want for yourself in this life!
The fear that you may never be able to survive outside that place is just a way to keep you from reaching out to other opportunities while you can. That fear will only sink you further and it will be one of the reasons you will end up old, full of regrets for the things you did or didn’t or couldn’t do.
People are so afraid to fail, some cannot imagine what it is like living one day at a time or at the edge…they prefer to stay safe, stuck in a box because of the fear of tomorrow’s failures: so they do not even attempt to try. They will find an excuse to remain there, instead of standing up squarely to face life, deal with their choices.

For those who know….you don’t have to apologise for wanting better in life. You deserve better! It is okay to falter …..It is okay to tell yourself the truth; to say that this place is no longer working for me… risk it sometimes and take your chance at something better. It is okay to step back sometimes to see what has become of your dreams, aspirations and everything you ever dreamt of in life; to put yourself in the hot seat, quietly ask yourself simply critical questions, take the time to answer them truthfully.

Once you know that you deserve better: you will make better decisions. Once you realise you’re not on the right road, you can still turn back instead of continuing on a road that will leave you with so many unfulfilled dreams, regrets later in life.
It is your decision. You always have the power to choose at whatever stage you are in life. To stay true to what you know for sure regardless of the challenges. You cannot continue to wallow in self-pity, to blame someone else; whoever they are for your failures and stay down only because you feel there is no way out. Refuse to settles for anything but the best. You must find your footing and stand regardless of the failures, mistakes or whatever!
Tell yourself;
“My dreams will not die, everything I have been through and going through will not be in vain. It does not matter where I am coming from or who I am; there is space for me in this world at the top to live a fulfilled life. I will fight my battles one day at a time and learn from my failures. I cannot afford to faint now. I will not die a wasted soul. I will stand before God at the end of my life with no regrets.  I must run my course in life, I must finish my race”.
God wants the best for you; do not sell yourself short…especially NOW!