Tuesday, August 23, 2011


Kris Jenner (Former Kris Khardashian) is furious with Ray J (Kim's Ex) for texting her on her wedding day to remind her about sex videoa (you remember? That tape that was leaked on the net). (Laughs) in say, “I wish them the best. She’s doing real good right now, that what it is.” He simply said “I wish them the best. She’s doing real good right now, that what it is.”

SO Funny...the wedding is making all manner of headlines....so much for celebrity status! people are already taking polls if the fairy tail wedding will last.....i feel for Kim...the pressure is so huge....but am sure she loves the spotlight!

LADY GAGA on the simpsons

It will be interesting to see her animated as her self.....on the Simpsons

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"I make music, but I don't do voice-overs every day of the week, and their characters are so awesomely convincing and sincere and wild and funny, I had to remind myself constantly of the sincerity of the humor," Gaga says. "That's what I was trying to focus on, not putting on a character too much and really being as sincere as I could with the lines."

In the episode, called "Lisa Goes Gaga," Gaga comes to Springfield to cheer up Lisa through the power of speech, song and a flash mob after learning the town is "teeming with low self-esteem." She also ends up kissing Marge. "I play a little bit of a slut," Gaga quips. "The apple doesn't fall far from my artistic tree."

The gig was "one of the coolest things I've ever done," she says. "My dad's probably going to do 80 backflips when the episode comes out."

creator Matt Groening: "Since the very beginning, I've always wanted to have on the most iconic personalities of our time, and she's it."

WHiz KId.... Its a girl... are we suprised?

whiz kid and sola..the supposed baby mama.... they will cope...am sure!

so are we really surprised...and what is the big deal if he is a daddy @ 21? He will cope, if it is really true especially since they say they still want to do paternity test..although he sold himself out on his tweet..i think... @whizkidayo"Hey All.. Got sumthin to tell yall. In life, there are those times when you wonder about the wrong decisions you've made... This is one of those times for me. I realize that I haven't always lived up to everyone's expectations from my loved ones to the immense love from my fans. I am sorry. Please continue to pray for me. With the help of my family and my EME big brothers, I am working on becoming a better man, a better artiste, a more responsible person with every one of my actions".

lets just leave them to deal with themselves....its not a big deal....he's a daddy! great... Awon boyz ooh bad gon! Whizzy No ni...


These are the alleged kidnappers that abducted Micheal Obi.... and a woman among?
The man don really suffer be dat....all the way from Kano? It is really sad.... giving the man all the wrong treatment, Thank God it is over!

NIGERIA.......whatever happened to that country!

Jonathan is urging Nigerians to be bear the pain! Isn't that what we've been doing for a long time now? It is not news....we just bear and bear! we don't ever seem tired...but truth is we are tiered...aren't you? me...i want better. So what is Goodluck telling us? what exactly does he mean? Anyway, like people will say He is trying....Lets give him a break okay oh! i hear.
He has promised power by 2015....we're already familiar with that but i am not sure if many people believe that....there is huge skepticism, you should see people's expression when they read headlines....people have grown tired and familiar with things. Too much talk but what ever happened to action? Many headlines are filled with "what Govt will do"...oh Pooh..lease, spare me all that formality, we want to hear what they have done.
From the one-term elongation proposal which some key drivers behind it have kept mum to the NJC drama which The AREWA CONSULTATIVE FORUM described as "KABU KABU DANCE" (Laughs) in the Judiciary. Some said Jonathan has gotten his hands dirty....okay oh...we hear, like that changes anything for the homeless man on the street. We have OBJ and IBB exchanging words...so what about it? and Goodluck says he won't pay Okonjo-Iweala in Dollars....how does that put food on anybody's table? We waist too much time in frivolous stuffs and serious not just the seat of power it is reflected in the lives of many Nigerians...how we just repeat the same stuffs over in meeting but the important things are swept under the carpet.
Sometimes, i wonder what is happening in this country, maybe i do not understand...but it is why many Nigerians will continually want out...we no fit to shout, those wey dey shout don even tire.
The last time it was reported that N308.13bn FG projects were uncompleted..... staggering and irritating! While some people keep smiling that it is okay.....the truth is, it is not okay. There are over 43 million jobless Nigerians....that alone does not make it okay! They say change begins with you but sincerely, how many people have eaten enough or have their basic need met before they will carry Nigerians on their head? People homeless, Parents battling to give their children education, clothe them and help them believe that dreams still do come true. Thank God, we have Tenacity! With people who have experienced the good things of life preaching patriotism, its understandable. We just make it look complicated....Nigerians are not complicated people, they just want results and that is what our leaders should focus on. we want proves...that things are working...they can eat as much as they can but let them work! All their speeches of goodwill in tabloids will not make the bad roads go away.....
I am trying to understand how things are done here......we just like to muddle things up, make it a big deal! All sorts of policies...like how many policies do you need to tar a road in your LG? Or how many policy do you need to help your next door neighbor? The rich will always continue to get richer while the rest will continue to run the rat race. The entertainment and Talent hunt industry thrives in Nigeria because that is the only pace you see things literally happening....when you are good...no prejudice. That is the place of Rag to Riches, the place an ordinary Nigerian can make believe..... Timi, Omawunmi, Sylvia Nduka, P-Square, Chydinmma, Inyanaya etc...all have this to say....
Many youths are beginning to look inward, you know after running around, being broke and unemployed, people start to think that white collar isn't it..... we have many issues..
1. Rising food cost
2. Pervasive poverty
3. Poor health and educational system
4. Dilapidated roads
5. One way economy
6. Infrastructural decay
7. Poor entrepreneurial developmentt initiative
8. Insecurity
9. Wrong Mindset about success
10.Low technological development and innovation

The list is endless and it goes on.....

While the rest of the world is striving to move forward, we in Nigeria are staggering with one step forward, five steps backward. People say, we are over expecting from Jonathan but wait....isn't that why he is president? That is the reason he is promising to fix power by 2015. We have to forget that the are human beings and have errors because for the most part, they have themselves to deal with, how many of them are thinking about you? That is why, in Nigeria, it is every man for himself, you are on your own and you just have to make things happen for yourself. You don't sit and wait for the government to make it happen because they are too busy doing everything else, You cannot waste time being bitter about what they did or did not because the point is, we are all selfish, you are better off saving your energy for your hustling than wondering why common sense is so scarce around here. It is your life and you are responsible! Right now, take the stats, how many Nigerians are at the airport going abroad now? how many have applied for Visas? or those through North Africa? And how many people wey see money, no go chop? so, the equation is balanced. I am just wondering what happened to that country! I have to ask because i am a Nigerian. But as they said during the campaign breathe of fresh air.... by 2015, we will know if things have actually changed!
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Is sagging really a fashion statement or what? I just try to understand what makes it cool? Male or female, young and old all sag.... Sagging is such a huge fashion trend and even people you'd expect to have outgrown it, champion it.
I remember in school a lecturer on sabbatical gave us his view. He schooled in the US and i reason with his version of how sagging began. He said sagging started with prison inmates....that their famous orange suit.....He said that their suit had no belt, so it felt of their waistline and they just lived with it. Some came out and continued the trend. He said so of some big Hip Hop Stars. A search on the internet concurs with it.

It sounds logical and even though it is a predominantly male fashion....female are taking over. why on earth do people think, the rest of us want to see their underpants?...... it is so huge now that i still don't get what sense it makes..

with all manner of cleavage, natural and silicon-enhanced i wonder where fashion is taking us. Fashion labels make rags for women as clothes....and it is huge.... it is like pieces of clothes wrapped around the body and when i watch fashion shows, they get big commendations....i just hope they are not telling us to wear rags... they say of cleavage that if you have it flaunt it.... oh yeah..flaunt it indeed even when your breast has experienced all manner of friction and it is tiring from stretch marks....very nice.
i just wonder where the world is headed....all manner of things.....people are going naked.... we have experienced ridiculous slits, spaghetti straps and G-strings.... God know what next...

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