Monday, April 2, 2012


I have say that i am totally suprised. Its rare to find somebody in Hollywood do this.....Meagan Good gets engaged to a Seventh day Preacher....(He is good looking) The 30-year-old actress is to marry preacher DeVon Franklin after he proposed to her in Los Angeles in March.
 Meagan and DeVon who doubles as an executive at Sony Pictures Entertainment  and a 7th Day Adventist preacher have known each other for years but only started dating after production wrapped on 2011 wedding comedy 'Jumping the Broom' which starred Meagan and was produced by DeVon.
 Remember.....Last October when Meagan,who was previously in a relationship with NFL player Thomas Jones  told us all that God had told her that her next boyfriend would be her husband.
She was quoted saying  "The next guy I meet is (going to be my) husband and I already talked to God about that "I was like, 'Check this out Lord, I know what you want for me,' and he really wants a man that has completely sold out for Christ for me, who can help me improve and be better than I am."

All the best Meagan....we hope, the Lord truely leading you because if He truely is, then we won't be smelling divorce...


Nigeria and the security challenges facing this country is just worrisome. A sceret police was shot dead dead today in a baraber's shop in maiduguri, Northern Nigeria."Yes, he was killed today (Monday). And that is all I can tell you for now," Ahmed Abdulhamid, the chief of secret police in Maiduguri, said on the phone without giving details.
Residents of Bayan district of the city where the shooting took place said the officer was having a haircut when two gunmen stepped into the shop and shot him dead before fleeing.
Gunmen shot dead a local government official at his house in in the same area in Maiduguri on Sunday. The gunmen fled with his car and remained at large. If a secert police man can be shot dead, who is safe?

RIHANNA's NEW loving it.

Rihanna knows how to get great hair styles...i love this new look... She died her hair black.what do you think?


By now you must have heard that Alec Baldwin (30 Rock) is engaged to Hilaria THomas but have you seen the ring? They were engaged over the weekend. 


Rock Stars and models...the look good together but they always have a way of breaking it all up. Adam Levine (Maroon 5) and girl friend (Anne Vyalitsyna) a Victoria secret angel of two years call it quits.

BRUCE WILLIS...its a girl

Congrats to Bruce Willis and wife Emma Heming on the newsest addition to thier family...a baby girl! her neme is Mabel Ray Willis. i am tempted to think that Demi Moore should not have left Bruce.... They really shuold have straightened things up....maybe, it was n ot meant to be afterall.  Bruce is a happy man and am really happy for him. I just hope Demi is happy as well.


Erastus Akingbola is a free man......after all the massive corruption charges  and accusations, he walks a free man. Nigeria sha, anything is possible. after all the noise EFCC made and all the facts anmd figure they made Nigerians believe they had, all the drama, it has all ended.  For one moment, one would have thought, the man will never escape. The former bank chief has formerly learnt his lessons and am sure his cooling off from all that stress now. EFCC....and thier noise.


Madam Ngozi okonjo-Iweala is a big figure here in Nigeria especially when it comes to the economy. It is no longer news that she is a candidate for the World Bank Presidency and reports say her biggest contender is Korean born American Medical doctor and consultant to World Health Organisation Jim Yong Kim who has been nominated by Barrack Obama. There have been supports from the big men on the African continent, endorsement from many bodies but the reality still remains that its not going to be an easy fight for madam finance. I respect that woman and she has a very laudable CV but then the west thinks differently. She is one of those women you envy considering her level of education.While in Africa, Credentials and co are huge determining factor, the west looks beyond all that. Ask the average Nigerian on the street how the policies made by Okonjo-Iweala has affected thier lives and they will tell you otherwise.
She is good on the job but all that policies does not translate to what the common man on the street can understand  and owing to her fuel subsidy stand, things may not turn out as many people are hoping. For those playing sentiments and calling God to intervene, i suggested you save your sentiments and face facts. This is not Nigerian Politics where sentiments happen, this is the world stage.  This is not something about woman power and all those feminity drama. For those comparing her case to that of Barack Obama's election to the White House should please  swallow those racism comments and how the west does not like Africa. It will be funny for any Nigerian to talk of racism when we cannot manage tribalism here in Nigeria.  This is the same woman who is running this Recycled Nigerian Government with President Goodluck and how many jobs have they provided for Nigerians? questions of how practical her policies are will soon begin to arise and that is where we loose many battles with the west. We are not result oriented, we are so full of processes and talk that does not produce results..... 
All the noise and fan fare on the Aftican Continent about her candidacy should be focused on what is at stake. The suggestion that The FG shuold engage Emeka Anyaoku (former Commonwealth Sec. General) to lobby the Commonwealth would be a sign of desperation. This is a fight on Common ground and we have to learn to see things that way. No matter the prejudice, when you are good at something, you cannot be denied. The west and all thier politics are not the reason for under development on the African Continent. The calibre of leaders and leadership pattern is a huge problem. Its a thing that can go either ways.... Let us learn from this as Nigerians ans stop displaying sentiments.
I can only wish her the best....if she wins, it will be history.