Friday, August 19, 2011


Victoria Beckham is having serious back ache. THe daily mail has reported that she currently unable to even hold her baby or leave the house without assistance. The 37 year old picked up a crippling slipped disc, leaving her incapacitated and struggling to perform even the most menial duties. It is reported that she has a bad back during her forth pregnancy which became aggravated during the C-Section Operation. I am tempted to think its her love for heels. Even when she was heavily pregnant...madam, will not stop wearing heel...very high heel...she amazingly works it...

She is also trying to loose baby weight and be fit for New York Fashion Week which is around the corner. She plans to show case her spring/summer 2012 collection. She has been on strict diet. Seriously, the woman is already cute....why is she pushing her self so hard? I guess its the perfection of Hollywood that is pushing her. She just had a baby and she has a great figure...I am thinking, its why her back pain is taking a huge toil on her.... She should relax! She is already made and has a brand that sell in the Fashion World. She Has 4 Children now and she is definitely, i think she should relax!


Meet the Yvonne Bovine...he obviously does not want to die, to have escaped slaughter!

This is so funny..... Yvonne Bovine, a female cow who is said to have been on the run for weeks now. The cow who has brought fame to the small German Bavarian village. The reward is $14,000 (10,000 Euros). I am just wondering how such huge cash can be placed on a cow.....very funny. The cow is a threat to traffic and is to be shot at sight.
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