Tuesday, November 8, 2011

TERRY G...tweets on M.I (JUDE ABAGA)

Have you heard or read this? Gabriel Amanyi (TERRY G) has described M.I as AFRICAN DANGBGA NUMBER 1 and SHORT DWARF on twitter. Would that be a compliment or what exactly is he saying? it is so funny.

I am waiting for songs to that effect, it comes easy in lyrics.... They are neighbours..Jude Abaga is originally from Takum, in Taraba State but grew up in Jos(the same place with the famous TY Danjuma) and Terry G is an Idomo Guy from Benue State....am wondering what dis is all about..or let's say Terry G did not do that!


I have to sincerely say that i feel for Dr Conrad Murray.....is the man really guilty of negligence that led to involuntary Manslaughter or guilty of being too concerned (in the words of Hix on Piers Morgan)? It is all too complicated...way too complicated.
Maybe....some of us are yet to accept that Micheal Jackson is dead. Dead in every meaning of it. A path of life. we have mourned him and we have to accept it and move on. We miss him and i am tempted to believe that if he was here, he would have said something different about the doctor. ....Maybe, we want to blame someone and we don't believe he could just die like that. The thing with death of a loved one....it is painful!

How could Dr Murray put his career in so much a mess? How could he have administered that drug and left his side? A guest on Piers Morgan described it as leaving your child on the kitchen sink....i feel for the Doctor and i really wonder what is going through his mind right now. Everything he worked for, his reputation...goes down the drain!
Justice being served will not bring the King of Pop backand whatever we feel about this, let us not forget that dying is part of life.  we may think it will make us feel better but we'll discover later that it cahnges nothing. Your loved one dying means dead...and really dead.Let us ask if this is what MJ would have wanted happening to his Doctor.  Our MJ should be resting in peace....that is the best we can do for him, not dragging his names on headlines. He deserves that respect.The man treated him well according to reports and never meant any harm....i guess that is waht the involuntary manslaughter means.
Doctors will learn from this......it could be a saving grace for someone another time and someone could be left to suffer.....it tells us that drug abuse is dangerous. Wether you are a celebrity or not, you are responsible for yourself and you MUST take care of yourself.


MAGIC JOHNSON..... 20 years beating HIV and counting!

It is amazing that Earvin "Magic" Johnson has been living with HIV......for the last 20 years and it is still counting.Perhaps,if he knew he'll be winning this battle he wouldn't have retired from the Los Angeles Lakers, Nov 7, 1991, He would have played Longer.

 He has proved the impossible possible and behind it all is human will.....Thank God, he has the money to take care of himself and he made up his mind to stay alive. It is an inspiration to achieving the impossible in our individual lives.


Rest in Peace.... Joe 'Smoking' Frazier (1944 - 2011).

42 Victories
1 Draw
4 Defeats......
The famous boxer goes home. He was Muhammad Ali greatest opponent. He fought he battle with Liver cancer nad this time, he lost it...but he'll always be here in boxing history.