Tuesday, September 20, 2011

POSH and her heels....

she is really trying with those shoes...how does she do it? am surprised. She knows how to work heels

is this sexy?

seriously i do not find this pics sexy... Bryan looks like he is trying too hard on this cover and that armpit? more photo shopping please.

LEILA LOPES: Fresh Scandal

Miss Leila Lopez could have serious scandal trailing her. It will be a shame, after all the tongue lashing Miss France gave her, over how she didn't deserve to win..

The Miss Universe Organization is investigating claims that Lopes falsified documents during the Miss Angola UK pageant earlier this year. The English competition, which she won, helped Lopes reach the Miss Universe pageant in Brazil this month.
 The International Business Times online reports that:
'Argentine newspaper Infobae alleged that Lopes, with help from a man named Charles Mukano, participated in the Miss Angola UK pageant despite the fact that she lived in Angola, and not the United Kingdom, which is a violation of the rules. Mukano is also said to have helped Lopes obtain documents claiming she was a business management student at an English university.
The report goes as far as to say that Lopes might have bribed British judges to ensure a win.
 Lopes could be disqualified and banished from the universal kingdom if the allegations prove to be true'.

Just hoping it is not true...it will be a major scandal....really love this lady, am hoping it is  a rumour!

MISS SYLVIA NDUKA: Please step on it!

After her newest stunning photos, a lot of Nigerians are still not convinced that she is a true rep of the Total Nigerian Woman. Her Intelligence and make up regime has come under serious criticism. Reading some of the comments online about her makes me laugh out loud...it is obvious many people don't believe she deserved the crown in the first place. Even though the queen doesn't seem to care, she has many Facebook faithfuls who constantly praise her but am hoping they all vote for her. Here are some pics...
No doubt she is a pretty lady and the pictures have been seriously Photoshopped but am certain she can do more. Her response to the questions on her miss world profile page are shallow and gives her zero personality. On the world stage, she has to improve because that is what counts, your IQ! your intelligence goes a long way. She seem to have repented of her huge red lip stick fever but her obsession with long weaves doesn't work for me. our queen can do more with a packed hair and less make up, that gives her a clean and sophisticated look. Her comments on Nigeria being peaceful and that natural resource grammar is out of place. Her future ambition response is pretending. She didn't quite understand what describing yourself meant. What is worse, her personal motto, hobbies needs serious brushing. If this is what the rest of the world will be voting for, then i am afraid. I don't wish her bad and i really want the crown to come back but the truth must be told. She may be cool around here and we can deal with it but on the word stage it is a whole different thing altogether. Sophie Gemal even with her intelligent answer could not go so far in the Miss Universe contest, what then do we say about Miss World? While most of us may not be Beauty specialist and may not be pageant judges, we know one or two things and i believe the queen can do more. Controversies have been trailing her since she won the crown but in all these she has to listen to some of this criticisms and learn...perhaps from Sophie Gemal.She should stop listening to all those that say yes to her always, it doe not help. We want her to be Miss world and to prove her critics wrong, she must listen.

Here are some comments on line:
 Hello, seriouisly I still prefer Sophie Gemal, this Miss is ok quite charming not such a wow beauty. She's an average beauty. There's no "WOW' about her really, but she's looking much better in these photos than how she looked at MBGN.

Maybe I'm blind, but can someone please look @ the 3rd picture from the top, please tell me dats NOT a pipe sticking out from btwn her legs, pls say it aint so!

 "for example,future ambition-NGO.I kind of NGO.pls research more and seek GOD’s WISDOM.luck luck.go bring back d crown".

 "My goodness sylva bird and the organizes of MBGN should be ashamed of themselves she is pretty no doubt about that but so are thoes latina and european girls what makes you stand out is your brains and your personality i do not see any brains in thoes answers up there i think sophia gamal had more personality than her. and please what is it with the weaves its too much"

 "How do they pick beauty queens these days? Do I just have 2 have a fair spotless skin, be tall and slim and wear a long weave? if a secondary school student fills out a questionaire like this she should be flogged. Personal Motto do ur thing there is no time.No hope 4 Nigeria".
 "For goodness sakes, these pictures look highly unprofessional, whats with the hair (flying all about with the updo hair style) Silver bird, please do learn to package your products well. This pictures are just not doing the magic, also the question and answer aspect is dammmmmn to shallow, she doesn’t not need to speak grammar, but she should be well groomed to answer questions professionally, its a learning process. For goodness sake we can forgive two baba, when he uses his slang ‘No time or nothing dey hapen’ but certainly not in this case, i take personal exception that such should be posted on the net. haba, prove us wrong that this was not all about “arrangee”

 "Future Ambition: to establish an NGO?! Wharraheck. She seems vapid and empty to me. She’s going to be competing with prettier and smarter girls. One whould think Silverbird will take the pains to groom her properly. NGO? what kind of NGO? she likes to research- research what? What areas of human endeavour or even animal behaviour does she find interesting enough to research on? Nigeria is a peaceful country, full stop? This girl must have come from the moon not to have heard of boko haram, the kidnappings etc going on in Nigeria. Nigeria definitely has its selling points and peaceful;ness is definitely not one of them at this point in time. Haaaaaa. Miracles still happen sha. PSCHEW!

 "Too shallow for me liking… Future ambition… to open an NGO, blahhh, pls tell the truth, like I wish to further my studies to the Masters level, have a great job in… and hopefully opening an NGO with what I have earned and help the less privileged. How many pple nowadays just want to “HELP THE LESS PRIVILEGED” PLS!!!!!!!!!!!!

Miss World 2011 Questionnaire
Name: Sylvia NDUKA
Age: 20
Height: 180
Languages: English & Igbo
Sylvia is the youngest of 5. She is currently a student and enjoys dancing, football and spending time with friends. Her main future ambition is to establish an NGO that will cater for less privileged children.
Tell us a little something about your Country?
Nigeria is a peaceful country blessed with natural resources with place for tourism.
Future ambitions?
I want to establish an NGO (non-governmental organisation).
Describe yourself
Pretty and hilarious.
Personal Motto?
Do your thing – there is no time.
Favourite food?
My favourite foods are potatoes and eggs.
Favourite Music / Books?
My favourite song is ‘African Queen’ by Tuface Idibia.
What is the proudest moment of your life or most memorable day?
My most memorable day was paying a visit to an orphanage and having an impact on the children’s lives.
Special Talents?
I can dance.
Any other interesting facts?
Travelling and I really enjoy researching.

 you can visit the niss world page and vote....www.missworld.org/contestants

THEY ARE JUST FUNNY..... Wishing her all the best! Pictures: Google/Facebook