Sunday, November 11, 2012


Finally.......let's stop the pretense! Did you really give them any chance? Besides, they are still very young to understand the complexity of relationships! I feel more for Justin because he is younger and Selena is older, smarter!

It will NOT be fair to say she used Justin to rise up the fame ladder, then dumped him when he realized,she needed real men. Poor Selena, the pain of having to date the teenage sweetheart; really so much work and serious nerve to hold swallow the jealousy..... Only both of them really know why they said bye-bye and believe me, they are so over it already even before they split. They are growing up, soon they will realize it is one of those things and learn what it takes to keep a relationship healthy, happy and alive! it is not always as easy and romantic as the tabloids put it.

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